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The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo celebrates its 125th anniversary.  With two Cleveland Metrohealth Campuses, two libraries (free WI-FI), a rec center, Steelyard Commons and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park within walking or biking or train distance, you would think that hotels and great restaurants would follow Go figure?! (Hello Mitch Schneider--A residential inn at Steelyard Commons please! So my mom has a place to stay when she visits :)  

I do have to hand it to the Ohio tourism site--Discover Ohio--nice job! Mutiple language options. SMART!

ZOOBILEE, also, a great chance to see RED, an orchestra!


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Got a reply

I got a reply from First Interstate--maybe it is possible to affect change via the web?! 

Reach an audience with exponential results

I found it thrilling to note that the visitors reading this post jumped from 200 to over 700 overnight!  How cool is that?  It shows that families are jumping on line to find destinations.  So here is the map that I should have included in the first post.

MAP of Brooklyn Centre (the center of my world) including the worldwide destination Cleveland's Metropark Zoo.

What's the best way to get there?  LIVE HERE AND WALK
 Pretty soon, we should have a way for you to stay nearby.  What's the next best way to get there?  Take RTA.  The 20C goes directly to the zoo from downtown on Saturdays and Sundays.  Weekdays, the 20, 35, 51, 50, 79 and 807 Tremont Circulator get you close enough, if you are game for a pleasant stroll down Wildlife Way.  Consider it your work out for the day. 

For those 20-30 somethings that need to work out to keep their sexy, buff physiques, Wildlife Way is a good running course, that can be supplemented with an additional cross-training workout course at the Zoo, for $50 a year!  Want a swim and sauna afterwards?  Head over to Estabrook Rec Center, on Shadyside Ave and you have lockers, weightroom, pool, basketball court and sauna. 

Families with kids--the zoo is a great place to go and let the kids burn-off that energy. Need another stroller buddy?  Come on down.  It's a regular convoy of moms and kids everyday.  You are not alone!  And by the end of October, you can feed the kids at Lovelee's, a family restaurant at the top of the bluff (Fulton and Denison). 

Lovingly, RESTORED from the ground up by REAL Clevelanders Bob and Brenda, Lovelee's will have Brenda's colorful signature style of cooking and ambience (Metrohealth employees--Brenda aka Vanessa is BACK!!!!)

View Larger Map All FREE to you, if you live in the City of Cleveland, of course.  Feel the tug?

Feel the tug

  I think Regina Brett needs to trademark this line.  She used it today in the PD and it should be the marketing slogan for Cleveland, because you can make a difference in people's lives if you choose to live outside the "comfort zone."

Live here-marketing Cleveland

  I am sharing this story to help you see my point--I helped Lois Moss break-down Walk-and-Roll Cleveland.  When we got back to her house in Brooklyn Centre--three local kids immediately swarmed in to help us unpack her van.  Commercial cute kids.  So, I go to Denison School to deliver library cards and young Eric, the helper, comes running up to me as happy as a clam.  Do you remember me!  I said, sure do.  He said, "I am Lois's friend."  Lucky Lois.
Lois knows REAL recognition and REAL friends.

Update 8/6/09--my news leads (aka "the kids") tell me that Lois recently hosted a bicycle voyager in her backyard...well, let me extend the invitation to camp here, too.  Join REALNEO and you can contact me via email.  Mi casa es su casa...Brooklyn Centre welcomes cycling visitors to NEO. 

Our neighborhood may be small and poorly represented at times, but we are mighty and friendly to world bike travellers! 

Update 8/7/09 From Lois--here's how cyclists hooked up with her:


Let's extend a welcome to cyclists and make Cleveland known across the globe for our hospitality. 

Sliding Robots

  A wonderful little invention manufactured in China, which enables the weaker sex to move large objects with very little effort, so that we can clean under things. 

Buy them for your community today :)

Boo at the Zoo

The traffic today for Boo at the Zoo was unreal.  Cars backed up along Pearl Rd. from the bridge to MetroGeneral.  Why is it so hard to coordinate event traffic in this City?

So, when will Metroparks spring another entrance on us?   Why can't Nagy boulevard access be one way entrance only?  Think of a solution that preserves our neighborhood and the historic ball park.  Direct access from 71 makes sense, but make it work for all our us--please.  We don't need any more nasty surprises in this neighborhood.

weaker sex? huh

63+ % of nonprofits are lead by women.  Sounds like we are outpowered!  Not to mention the local sustaino community  OI OI OI

sorry dwelling on the weaker sex comment. 

Alien species?

  What about alien species?!  Just being silly on a sunny day.

REAL recognition, REAL friends

Won't you be, won't you be--my neighbor? 

Let me tell you about some of our other cool places:  Gentile's (best bread, homemade Italian sausage, cheeses), Michael's bakery (German kuchen!), the Sausage Shoppe (Garlic hot dogs, Sheffler ham, no preservatives--Anthony Bourdain's favorite), South Hills Antique Row (cool stuff), Richardson's (flowers, hardware hangout and free advice), HONEY HUT ICE CREAM!, Sal's Diner (gossip and innuendo free with breakfast), Gus' Diner (ditto--gossip, innuendo), Dee Dee's Diner (down the street from THAT sign--best burgers in town--gossip, innuendo FREE!), Lovelee's Family Restaurant (Brenda!)