Hoodwire... Low income wireless not next... now!

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Sat, 02/17/2007 - 21:16.

In this world of privledged access, it was awesome to see the fine people at hoodwire come to light.

The following current TV video will give you a great idea of how people are making wireless access happen now.  The world of t-mobile pay to surf will sone be numbered.  There is so much available bandwidth in the USA now - there is no reason that only the wealthy should be able to use it.

Current TV video link:

This project is not just a single point solution, but is making sure there is distibution of hardware and software and the training to go with it.

The city of East Cleveland is in the process of getting a project like this launched... anyone interested in seeing that happen?

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Hello Phillip,  I would like to see quick time or other video on Realneo.  Can we do this?  My little Panasonic can capture 30 frames per sec vga or 10 fps vga.  Can we get that up on  a  Drupal site?  HOw about the smaller svga files, can we do those? Do we have to go out to a youtube or a hoodwire?  What do those sites have to run the movie that is different from drupal? What is the wire part of hoodwire?  does this imply that the video is wifi?  What am I missing?      Help me out here.  thanks, jeff

Videos on Realneo

At this time the ability to upload videos directly to realneo is not available.  Once some software upgrades are completed and the site transfered to a new version of Drupal we can.  For the time being the best way to add video content is to create a free youtube account and upload them there.


More on hoodwire

Hoodwire is a colabrative effort to bring wifi to low income areas at no cost.  The original article linked to a video explaing what hoodwire was.  In short the video showed that there are other projects that mirror closely what is trying to happen in East Cleveland.

Like what is happening in East Cleveland there was no single point of effort, but a distributed group of organizations that all pitched in to make it happen.

Once the weather clears up a bit we will complete the prototype installation of equipment for potential use in East Cleveland.  This will be the first step in implementing the East Cleveland wifi network.


You know I'm interested in seeing that happen

East Cleveland is ready to kick this into gear. Anyone out there want to help deploy wifi and open source computers in East Cleveland?

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