Cleveland or Sarajevo? Which is which?

Submitted by MaryBeth Matthews on Tue, 01/08/2008 - 00:11.
Cleveland or Sarajevo?  Which is which?
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The lost post

Thanks for posting these images MB.  On Monday, we'll try to figure out why they don't show up in the chronology. 
I recognize East 55th, the old Howard Johnson's hotel so visible to visitors from our shoreline highway and the HEK tag (unless HEK is from Sarajevo!)

Cleveland /Sarajevo pictures

You are right, that is the old Howard Johnson's and the infamous HEK is Cleveland's own. Also in this group are the old Stanard school campus, and a few abandoned factories off of East 55th near Cedar. The burned down house is in the same neighborhood as the factories.

I tried to post here on REALNEO first, since these pictures are more economic development than CMSD/education  related, but I had some difficulty. Widows Vista keeps knocking me offline with REALNEO's popup windows. I  posted the article on my blogspot site instead.

I am going to have to experiment a bit more to get my computer to cooperate with REALNEO.


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Not much difference between Cleveland and a war zone is there? 

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