NEO music spotlight

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Sun, 02/03/2008 - 15:21.

Today I was browsing twitter users from the Cleveland area, and came accross

So I checked out his website as we peasently pleased with the music I found there.

From their Who We Are Page:

Toes in the Sand Recordings

As our name implies, the music of Toes in the Sand Recordings is evocative of perfect moments that make you say, "Aaah." You know how good it feels when you're on the beach, running your feet through the sand taking in a warm sea breeze. Toes in the Sand has captured through sound those feelings of joy and contemplation.

Specializing in progressive house and progressive breaks, our releases place an emphasis on musicality, arrangement, and composition. We are based in Cleveland, Ohio; however, our artists span the globe from San Francisco to Istanbul.

Our very first release, "Bound for Ascension" by Michael Lanning, is featured on Balance 006 [EQ] mixed by Anthony Pappa. Other releases have also appeared on compilations by Sandra Collins, Andrew K & DJ Leoni, Kosmas Epsilon, Sprout Music, and more.

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