Loose VA Gun Laws Complicit in VT Shootings? (or Virginia is for gunrunners?)

Submitted by DerekArnold on Sat, 04/21/2007 - 09:53.

According to this article in The UK's The First Post, Virginia's lax gun laws make Virginia an easy place to get a gun. In light of the happenings in Blacksburg, is it too easy?

As Nino Brown (as played by Wesley Snipes) said in New Jack City, "ain't no UZIs made in Harlem".  But you see tons of guns in the streets.  I always wondered how they got there.  Just roll down I-95 to Virginia...

Would it been that hard to check Mr. Cho's background before they sold him the guns?  I would like to hear a sensible rationale for not checking.  I would think that gun enthusiasts would like this because if they are legitimate and have nothing in their record that prohibits them from buying guns, they have nothing to fear or worry about.  If they aren't legit, no gun.  Guns are a public safety issue, this is why they fall under jurisdiction of law.  It's not just some social wedge issue that doesn't effect people who aren't part of a certain lifestyle (I am a heterosexual man. Gay marriage neither helps nor hinders my life. ).  But, if some mentally unstable guy comes into work blasting (or worse, into my kid's school), that affects me.

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Don't think about guns in Toronto

I'm in Toronto and you don't worry about violent crime here at all. It does happen, but not like in Cleveland and the US. Still they have hunting. So how do you get this balance? Is it in balance here?

Disrupt IT

You just said it...


    You just answered your own question.  Balance is fast becoming unamerican.  We don't have balance in our diets, our worklives, our finances, our mental health, our schools and neighborhoods, our environment and other aspects.

     Balance with guns is even more of a pipe dream.  The Second Amendment was meant to allow for a militia for defense of family and country, not to guarantee guns for any yahoo that wants to pack heat (slang alert: pack heat = to carry a firearm).

     I really don't have a problem with the legitimate gun afficionados.  Many of them go to great lengths to use guns properly.  Here's a hint: holding to protect yourself from a car jacking - fair; holding to shoot the next #@%^&! that cuts you off - foul.

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Once you slip into discussion of “how to permit handguns” you have lost the issue to the NRA.  


Reading the second amendment as a right to carry a Glock with rapid reload clips was not technologically in the vocabulary of the founding fathers.  Looked at another way, if the founding fathers intended the second amendment to be wide open, we would all be allowed to carry RPG’s and suitcase nukes.  (just in case there was an insurrection).


When Hancock put his pen to the constitution the most convenient way of killing one another was with a flintlock muzzle loader.  You could kill one bird with one stone – then you had to put your gun down and get out a cosmetics bag of swaps, powder, cleaners, etc.  That didn’t happen in Virginia.  In Virginia one clip after another was whipped into a pistol – over 100 rounds were fired non-stop.  Cost of gun and ammunition about $560.00 or $17.00 per person killed. 


You really think that the writers of the constitution intended this?


Pistols need to be outlawed.  PERIOD.


The Vtech shooting was carried out by a non-citizen, who should not have been allowed to buy or posess a firearm. The shooter lived in the US long anough that he could have become a US citizen and yet he chose not to. He didn't even Americanize his name, which is a good sign of not assimilating. If someone lives here and they choose not to become one of us they should not enjoy the same rights as the rest of us.

Read this: http://vdare.com/pb/070418_vt.htm

Mr. Cho's Citizenship

Mr. Cho's citizenship does not matter. Period. What matters is that he was mentally unstable. He didn't get the help he needed and measures weren't taken to make sure he wouldn't harm himself and others.

So he ended several lives the last being his own...because of his mental instability.

The Commonwealth of Virginia knew it. Virginia Tech knew it. Nikki Giovanni, the esteemed poet and one of his former professors in HokieLand (aka Virginia Tech), knew it.

But still, he managed to get some pretty heavy firepower.

To think what country of origin his passport was has any consequence on his actions is ludicrous. Immigrants aren't, by definition, less trustworthy just because they weren't born to American citizens or born on American soil. Anyone who can follow the laws of this country is welcome. Those who don't have to be dealt with accordingly. This applies to anyone, citizen or no...unless, of course, you are Paris Hilton.