Jeff Buster Calls Coleman To Say Nigger Name Calling Poll With Comments Of Defamation Will Be Taken Down

Submitted by JournalistKathy... on Mon, 08/29/2011 - 00:31.
Buster told Coleman tonight that she need only email him for request to take her poll down.
17% (1 vote)
Buster said by telephone that he can see how Blacks where offended by Lily Miller's nigger name calling poll
0% (0 votes)
Coleman seeks a criminal investigation for a KKK type hate crime of nigger name calling supported by certain racists at RealNeo
17% (1 vote)
The grassrotts community will picket at Lily Miller's work if the nigger name calling poll stays up.
17% (1 vote)
Coleman has asked police to arrest and prosecute all RealNeo operatives pushing the hate crime of nigger name calling
50% (3 votes)
Total votes: 6
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MY request is being ignored!

I've been watching this all week like many people but haven't seen the link to anything calling you a "nigger". or calling you anything at all. A investigation is the way to go so would you help that by linking with the exact post where Lily Miller calls you a "nigger"?

I have seen you say that again and again, but where is it? I used the realneo search option and put in the word "nigger" and your name light up the board, but it was you using it.

So will you post the exact link? Not your view, or suppositions, but the actual link where you are called a "nigger"?

Thanks so much.

Saying being called nigger

Saying being called nigger is what it is and that it is legal to call us nigger is calling me nigger as Lily Miller  did in her poll. She called all Blacks nigger and we want her poll taken down. 

Polls can not be deleted or edited

Polls can not be deleted or edited by the poster, only by administrators.

I will double post so to be sure all see it

and since part of it is speaking to cj....copy....


what did you all expect anyway??

Lily posted a poll where it contained offensive words and statements.  (She should have known better to word it the way she did if she was really intent on getting any answers.)


Then when Kathy removed it from the front page by placing another poll, and letting you all know it was offensive (and wrong to do) you put it up again.

Not having any dog in this fight, other than I am white and it was offensive to me to see the word from lily and statement (it is what it is, when someone calls someone the n word -and here we have another saying where is the name calling and she is being ignored? ) read it, not once did kathy remove it and you reposted it, but time and time again, right on the front page, rubbing all our noses in seeing the upsetting word and name calling, and seeing the insistence by these acts, and INSENSITIVITY to do this to a class of people, amazing. And they don't 'get it'.  Guy then places his thread and it is moved to the front page, getting into the mix, at the expense of others, wrongly.


Some people are not the greatest spellers cj, "that is what it is". I can hide it and use spell check, but having "that be what it is" , sooner or later I will mess up and you will find me out. See?? There could possibly be a hidden message in there, IF I OR OTHERS BELIEVED IT!

There is the name calling, you can not talk like that (thru the back door) to lay statements and names on others and not take responsibility; which of course would HAVE BEEN the right thing to do, AND  of course, would have been to remove IT ALL from  the start/ 

And express knowing of the wrong, to say it wouldnt be permitted to happen again.

And to say I am sorry I offended anyone.

I guess you all are getting back what you deserve - and seeing the word so much now is upsetting another??

 Guess when it lights up the board, you are getting a taste of your own medicine.

There is a river in Egypt, it is called The Nile vs. Denial ! . ?? BB //end copy//


And if you call me a bad speller like that, suggesting offhanded that others are calling me that, and then saying, 'it is what it is' it was and is a real possiblity you were trying to slap me, put me down and get away with openly doing it like that, and it  (the name calling there) hurts, see?


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

That's an excuse to promote

That's an excuse to promote racism and bigotry. Jeff Buster said polls and the comments  under them cam be taken down, but not of course when people that want us to be called niggers are fighting against it and want to keep them up--Kathy Wray Coleman

I can't delete or edit my polls.

I can't delete or edit my polls. Are you able to do this for yours, Kathy?