Did you know that wearing White face is considered racist by some and is offensive to many Blacks, even if worn at a rally?

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 Racism is alive and well

Racism is seemingly alive and well at RealNeo.US whether covert or overt and ignorance is no excuse. Correct me if you think I am wrong. Historically White face has been depicted as promoting White supremacy. Who at RealNeo.US believes that they are superior to Blacks?

I have a bachelor's degree in biology, two master's degrees and have completed all but a dissertation toward a doctorate, with straight A's in the masters' and doctoral programs, yet I must continue to endure racist insults on this so-called liberal web site where I am the only regular Black writer. Can any of you here match my educational credentials? Come forward if you can.

Are the continual insults through racially insensitive postings from nigger name calling to White face supremacy pictures enlarged to give a heightened impact a way of telling Blacks that we are not welcome here? Is Jeff Buster, who runs this site, so narrow that he sees this as welcoming free speech where he pushed the nigger name calling issue and now he is enlarging White face supremacy pictures posted by Lily Miller, who is a paralegal for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason?

The pendulum has swung back for the Black community since the Civil Rights movevement in many ways and I guess RealNeo.US wants to stay at the front of the line in terms of subordinanting Black people. Correct me if I am wrong. Let's talk.

Also, I wonder if before posting him here this week Angel-n-Ward 14 (Diane Hill), who ran unsucessfully for Cuyahoga County Executive, has studied the late actor Clark Gable, famous as the leading man in one of my favorite films on the civil war, which is "Gone With The Wind." Did you know Diane that Gable was deemed racist by some people and was allegedly upset with Hatti McDaniel, Scarlet O'Hara's maid in the movie, for earning and winning the oscar for best supporting actress, the first oscar won by a Black in the history of American films?I would  love to see that posted and enlarged with the face of a Black woman. Is that possible here? Of couse you can time how long a post by a Black stays as the top post on the general feed at RealNeo.US. 

Kathy Wray Coleman (www.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com)