Do you believe that local media will cover the story of Plymouth Park Tax Services admitting to rigging the tax lien process?

Submitted by Gone Fishin on Sat, 09/10/2011 - 08:51.
No way. It appears the local media is attempting to cover up this story.
7% (1 vote)
Yes. The Plain Dealer and other media should investigate this admitted crime that caused damage to tens of thousands of victims
14% (2 votes)
No. The elected officials responsible for this crime are well protected.
14% (2 votes)
No, the local media will not touch this issue until it blows up in their face.
57% (8 votes)
No, the local media has been aware of this issue for nearly one year. Why should they report now?
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 14
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Links to Stories about Plymouth Park Tax Services

Plymouth Park Tax Services, aka J.P. Morgan Chase, recently admitted their guilt in rigging delinquent tax liens and the settlement agreement specifically mentions that the settlement does NOT cover Public Corruption crimes.

More stories on the thieves that Cuyahoga County officials dragged into Cuyahoga County here and here.

Time for Social Media to kick in

Please help me spread the word on this admitted crime that caused damage to tens of thousands of people in Cuyahoga County and is being covered up by local media.

Please repost this blog to Facebook, Twitter, email your contacts, your own personal websites and any and all other social media sites that you visit.

Thank you.

 The media will cover

 The media will cover nearly anything if you generate enough community support. Blog comments alone will not do it. You need community forums, community protests if necessary and support from political and other community leaders--Kathy WraY Coleman

This case is very unusual.

In the past, I have worked with the media on several cases with no issues on reporting.

The back/forth emails to/from the Plain Dealer has been going on for nearly one year.  They will not report on this story and continue to delete numerous  comments on nearly every time this subjet or person is mentioned.

I met with Mike Gill from Scene Magazine and he agreed that I had "overwhelming evidence" ; however his coverage on this issue was very limited.  Mike Gill is an excellent and well respected reporter and this story was not  Mike's usual work.

I met with an East Cleveland Councilman and he agreed with me also.  He told me that he suspected something was wrong for a very long time and tried to warn others.  The councilman also told me that he was concerned that Black Churches were also being targeted.

The East Cleveland Councilman was so outraged with my documentation and allegatons that he personally drove my research/complaint to George Forbes' home and gave Forbes' wife the package.  The councilman called me after he delivered the documents.

I personally went to the NAACP and delivered my complaint and documents.  Stan Miller and I went back and forth on this issue, and I got no where.  The last converstation that I had with Stan Miller turned into a heated conversation and I decided that NAACP was not the place for my complaint.

I contacted my long time friend, Mike Nelson, President of 100 Black Men over this case.   Mike and I played phone tag for a few days, but I got entangled with some personal problems at the time and I never followed up with Mike Nelson.

I sent a copy of my complaint and research to Call and Post Newspaper.

I spoke with two federal agents regarding this case.  One in New York and one in Cuyahoga County.

I posted numerous comments to National stories regarding this issue.

And I could go on and on.   But in the end, all of this means absolutely nothing.  Tens of thousands of victims ripped off by Cuyahoga County officials and Plymouth Park Tax Services.

This plan to eliminate the poor Black community that was "in the way" was initiated years ago.


Submitted by Roldo on Wed, 04/29/2009 -

In part,

The Cleveland Foundation and Gund Foundation push inequality again with two grants to the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) for a road to by-pass poverty.

They have labeled it fancifully “Opportunity Corridor.” Who could be against Opportunity? They don’t, however, tell you for whom it is inopportune.

Opportunity Corridor is a road that will slice through an East Side Cleveland poverty area to quickly route drivers through and past it. The lucky drivers won’t have to even glance at the unseemly sights. From the highway to University Circle in no time. Convenience has a pricy price tag, as we shall see.
The spin doctor, self-promoting quote makes it sound as if it benefits the Core City. It doesn’t. Is there any core left?
It doesn’t make it sound what it really is. A sneak around the poor.
The co-chairs are a couple of rich white guys. The public can read the nice quotes in the paper, maybe. That’s what they call a public-private partnership.
That’s what I call a crime in progress.

Dianna Hill knew the crook's plans in 2008

smart girl.  I read her detailed complaint that she researched on her own dated 2008.

Is he related to someone over there?

Rokakis sold the public on the fact that the delinquent taxes paid by the third party investors would send money to the county's school districts. But the school districts only got paid until the vacant properties on hundreds of streets drove out residents, increased crime, drove down property values and increased blight on the east side of Cleveand, East Cleveland and parts of Cleveland Heights. Vacant houses don't generate property taxes. And, if he wants to complain about the "foreclosure crisis," always remember that he started selling off tax liens early in 1999 ... long before the foreclosure crisis.

GLS Capital, Plymouth Park Investments and other third party investors have also left cities throughout the county struggling with the blight caused by the vacant properties they own. Each has been forced to invest block grant dollars, and to pursue HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds, to demolish blocks of vacant properties. Where cities could previously allocate federal block grant dollars to storefront renovation programs, Rokakis' bad policies and the housing foreclosure crisis have caused real "development" funds to dry up. All Rokakis is doing with the landbank is reallocating county dollars to solve a problem he helped create in the first place.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled against Allegheny County for doing to homeowners there what Rokakis has been doing to them in Cuyahoga County. The Plain Dealer would know this if its editors ever assigned a reporter to dig deep enough into Rokakis' community-busting scheme instead of singing his false praises all the time. Is he related to someone over there?

Protests and People and WRONG

Kathy is right.  Unfortunately, there are too many folks in this town, even well-intentioned folks, who have been sucked into the slime.  I don't want to personally seem like I am making this personal when we name names here at REALNEO, but, unfortunately, that is how it is interpreted.

I prefer to think that it is a matter of calling something out as WRONG, when the action is allowed.

STEALING property from folks is WRONG--and under the auspices of our local government and local officials this has been tolerated and even encouraged.  It is wrong. 

If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.  I can not remember when I did not so think, and feel so.