In these critical times, at the national and global levels, how do you rate President Obama so far?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 11:26.

Da man


52 Percent approval rating? He's giving USEPA more horespower!!

Big ups Obama!   What the administration is doing with regard to the USEPA's budget will be the downfall for some polluters somewhere. They are seriously hiking enforcement $$.   The projected 2010 budget is the highest on record ever, since the very begining of the agency.  Surely this will not change the Ohio EPA's politicized arms tied in red tape causing inaction type of stance but the USEPA will continue to come in and act where the Ohio EPA.   Here's the skinny I got yesterday::

end my writing, start some lawyers:


EPA’s 2010 budget seeks the highest level of funding since the agency was created in 1970. The budget includes US$600 million for EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance program – the highest enforcement budget ever – coupled with a request for 30 additional employees to bolster EPA’s civil and criminal enforcement staff. EPA plans to use these new resources to pursue more "vigorous enforcement of our nation’s environmental laws."  **  WOOO WOOO  We need that shit****

Other Emerging EPA Trends

Aggressive removal of chemicals from the market

EPA’s recent actions regarding one pesticide, carbofuran, reveal a new urgency to remove chemicals it views as dangerous from the market. Instead of limiting or cancelling the chemical’s registered uses, EPA elected to revoke all safety tolerances for residues of carbofuran. The result was striking: an almost immediate elimination of the chemical from the market. These actions may indicate a key route EPA will use as it responds to public chemical safety concerns.

Renewed focus on nanomaterials

EPA has redoubled its efforts to designate and regulate nanoscale materials, including initiation of a new pilot program for screening nanomaterials and creation of significant new use rules (SNURs) to regulate nanomaterial safety. These rules will affect fundamental aspects of chemical management.

*nanotech is introducing hazards into our environment with a increasing ferver*  nanosilver for example OI

Increased regulation

EPA’s recent decision to reevaluate and abandon aspects of the Chemical Assessment and Management Program (ChAMP), which permitted voluntary chemical regulation, illustrates EPA’s desire for more direct regulation of chemicals. EPA is preparing to support legislative efforts to significantly strengthen the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) in an anticipated shift towards implementing a program similar to the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). Active efforts to shape legislation are ongoing with opportunities for industry influence.


At least we are all being real...

So far, nobody thinks they could have done better.

Disrupt IT

About what I expected ..,

I don't think anyone who could have done better would have been able to get elected. Could America be better? Could we be better citizens and stewards of our planet? Those are the real questions we should be pondering.


  Sadly, I think that every thing and every one in this country including Barack Obama, becomes the latest brand sold to the American people.  I want Obama to rise above hype and to affect real change...locally, we have folks trying to use the same brand strategy to install what they consider the only marketable brand that will sell in the City of Cleveland.  Start thinking in terms of flesh and blood and real human interaction, not some marketing concept.  We really do need a citizen dashboard for this entire country--providing some accountability.