Who controls the PD and local media in NEO?

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50 Club of Cleveland

The 50 CLUB OF CLEVELAND is made up of top business executives, corporate lawyers and other well-known Cleveland figures who meet to hear prominent speakers and engage in strictly off-the-record, frank discussion. According to its constitution, the club's purpose is to provide an informal organization through which leading citizens representing the business, professional, or cultural life of Greater Cleveland can come to know one another better, understand one another's points of view and become better informed on problems of local, national, and international interest. The club's policy is to not take any formal position on issues or projects.

The 50 Club was formally organized with 43 charter members 8 June 1939 at a dinner meeting at the Union Club. Membership (by invitation only), is based primarily on personal qualification rather than on business or other institutional affiliation. Membership was increased to 55 in 1942, and to 60 in 1946. In 1947 two classes of membership were created--"Active" (membership limit 100) and "Honorary" for those members who have reached the age of 65, who no longer have Greater Cleveland as a principal residence, or who have retired as an active principal executive officer. Regular Club (dinner) meetings are held on the first Monday in the months of October, November, December, January, April, May, and June (the annual meeting), with time and place decided by the Executive Committee. The meetings are open only to members and invited guests. George A. Martin served as the club's first president from 1939-40.

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Secret society

Do we know who these old, white guys are in the 50 Club of Cleveland?  Are there any women or minorities in this secret club?  I know Union Club was an old boy's network, forever and ever--I know women are allowed now, because a close family friend belongs. 

15 Cleveland men who killed and still kill millions...

Secret Military Society

I'm researching the people most responsible for the toxic conditions in Northeast Ohio and they are responsible for covering the Earth with pollution of all sorts, and they are truly secretive, lurking industrialists who pervert every aspect of free enterprise and what was intended to make America great, but never happened because America was not allowed to be great due to collusion by the few who control everything.

The harm to the world rooted here in Cleveland has been over natural resources, mining, shipping, and materials processing.... and the harm caused by all of that - coal, uranium, lead... control and processing of ores ripped from wherever by whatever means are cheapest (Clevelanders have been "innovators" in mining technology) to be sold at highest prices wherever to be used for any purposes, no matter the harm caused to the world.

The boom times for the rich of Cleveland have always come around wartime (Civil, I, II, Korea, and Viet Nam... we processed uranium and perfected musturd gas technology - Case does black-ops reseearch still) and Cleveland leaders have positioned their politicians where they influence war and war spending to benefit the rich here - the 50 Club of Cleveland dated to the build-up for WWII, which brought the real boomtimes to Cleveland - and the 50 Club has surely been core to bringing defense and government work here.

The rich of Cleveland claim to want free enterprise yet all their wealth has come from government corruption leading to taxpayer subsidy of their monopoly interests (and colluding industrialists form virtual monopolies... espcially as they crontrol government regulation) - they made America into a type of communism where parties and religions are just cults and god is money.

The consequences of allowing the 50 Club to lead this region and take part in leading the world are disastrous, including 14 fewer years of life for the millions living near the 50 Club's home fallout zone of Northeast Ohio.

More to come on all this - I'm analyzing the real history of Cleveland... not that anyone here wants to know the truth.

People in other parts of the world need to know the truth.

An interesting starting point, regarding our pollution here and throughout the region... 15 Cleveland men who killed - and whose families still kill - millions... and own much of Michigan, and ran that state and Detroit to Hell, as well... like sister shitholes... as now you may come to understand why Cleveland is as fucked-up as Detroit... and Gilbert is increasingly running Cleveland... because the real leaders of the 50 Club are dead and their children who inherited their seats in the club (and collectively $trillions) left the region long ago... and they left us in ashes:

CLEVELAND-CLIFFS INC. is North America's largest supplier of iron-ore pellets to the steel industry and is the oldest iron-mining firm with headquarters in Cleveland. The company's origin dates to 9 Nov. 1847, when 15 Cleveland men interested in exploring the vast iron ore deposits on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan formed the Cleveland Iron Mining Co.

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Find a women in the Tavern Club - NEVER!

Find a women in the Tavern Club.

You have no idea about the many secret societies that control the money and politics of Cleveland because YOU are NOT ALLOWED!

No women allowed - NEVER!

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