Talk Show Host & Former Mayor of Cincinnati Shows His Serious Side

Submitted by Amin Varghai on Tue, 03/29/2005 - 23:25.

03.29.2005 Cleveland-Marshall College of Law,
Today at 6:00PM sponsored by the Democratic Law Organization, Mr. Jerry Springer
discussed the national political arena as well as the regional economic development issues.

Mr. Springer, the host of the infamous day time television show The Jerry Springer Show as well as the recently syndicated radio talk show, has an extensive political background. After graduating from Tulane University with a Political Science degree, he received a law degree from Northwestern University. He worked on the Robert Kennedy Presidential Campaign and served five terms as city councilman in Cincinnati. He also served as the mayor of city.

His political career was paused after being defeated in the
gubernatorial race. Mr. Springer personally denied running for office
anytime soon. Whether those were the words of a politician and he is
testing the waters of the political arena remains to be seen.

Jerry Springer describes how United States was the land of dreams and
opportunities. His own family has gone from near extinction during the
Holocaust to living a privileged life in one generation. He points
fingers at the Republican Politicians and blames the Christian Right.
According to him they have hijacked the Republican Party, changed our
foreign policy and stolen our own freedom and rights to the point that
we have become the hypocrites are eyes of other nations.

The fact that President Bush quietly cancelled a Town Hall style meeting with German citizens because it could not be scripted shows how much the preacher is not practicing his sermon. Mr. Springer mentioned how the Republican Party leaders have used the Terri Schiavo situation to benefit their own political agenda. And as soon as the citizens, democrats and republicans alike displayed how disgusted they were with them, the politicians were nowhere to be seen. He also mentioned how the democratic leadership kept silence through out the whole ordeal.

Mr. Springer brought the audience to applause by saying “What happened last November was the last gust for the Republican Party�. He continued to encourage the Republicans to put their country before their party and challenge their elected representatives, just like the democrats did during the Vietnam War in 1968.

Q: Do you support casinos here?
A: Sure, although casinos are only contributing a small part to the communities they will help revitalize the night life and socioeconomic benefits and challenges that bring to the region.

Q: How can we fix the urban school system?
A: 1. Massive commitment to early childhood education
2. 15 or less students per class in urban schools. That way the students will get the attention
they deserve to learn properly and grow in that environment.
3. Free college tuition for math and science majors that agree to stay and teach in Ohio for 4
to 6 years after graduation.

Q: What can we offer our young talent to keep them in Ohio?
A: According to a Brookings Institute study, the economic development prospect of a region
reflect directly on the percentage of the educated citizens. Cleveland ranks last, on the top 50 largest cities in the nation, with 11% or 13% college graduates. Fixing the school system will
help educate the population and raise the income level which will bring economic growth. Another proposal is to pass a law that requires every Ohio citizen should have health insurance. If you cannot afford it, the state will subsidize the cost. This will be one of the cheapest ways employers would want to do business in Ohio and that would drive economic growth to this region.

I would like to thank The Democratic Law Organization of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law for providing us with this opportunity.