Thoughts on REALNEO Features

Submitted by Ted Takacs on Wed, 12/29/2004 - 15:54.

1. personal blog entry

Blogs provide an excellent venue in which individuals can express
themselves personally or professionally:

  •  â€œPublic Blogsâ€? should be available to the
    general public and to COIL subscribers who wish to have their Blogs made
  •  â€œProfessional Blogsâ€? should be available to COIL
    subscribers who wish to control access to their Blog listings.

2. book page

Book Pages provide the richest venue for professional collaboration. Thus,
Book Pages are best used for collaborative efforts, such as projects or
discussions relating to system development.

  •  Book pages should be available only to COIL
  •  Control over who has access to Book Pages should
    be provided down to the COIL level.

3. event

The Events feature should function to serve the general public and COIL

  •  A “Publicâ€? Events calendar should be shown to
    the public, but only moderators should be able to post events to the Public
    Events calendar.
  •  A “COILSâ€? Events calendar should be made
    available to COIL subscribers to REALNEO. All COIL subscribers should be able
    to submit COIL Events, but we may wish to have a COIL Moderator do the actual
    posting of events.

4. forum topic

Forums provide an outstanding vehicle for public or COIL discussions.

  •  A “Publicâ€? Forum should be shown to the general
    public, but only paying subscribers can post new forum topics or add comments
    to existing topics.
  •  â€œCOILâ€? Forums should be provided. Some COIL
    forums may need to be accessible only to COIL members. An example of such a
    COIL would be a COIL dedicated to East Cleveland
    school children.

5. image

Images obviously enrich the contents of REALNEO substantially. Separate
areas for Public and COIL images should be provided.

  •  In the Public Image section, only paying
    subscribers can submit images. All image submissions should be monitored.
  •  In the COIL Image section, all image submissions
    should be monitored. COIL Image sections involving minors should be segregated
    from all other Image sections and some form of consent form must be required
    for the submission of Images containing pictures of minors.

6. page

Pages provide a means of presenting a personal presence on REALNEO with
a link to one’s home page.

  •  In the Public Page section, only paying
    subscribers can submit pages.
  •  Access to the COIL Page sections should be
    restricted to COIL subscribers. Any COIL Page section involving minors should
    be accessible only to members of that COIL.

7. poll

Polls provide an outstanding means of obtaining user feedback on
REALNEO. Polls also provide an outstanding platform for conducting elections or
running user surveys.

  •  For Public Polls, only paying subscribers can submit
    or participate in Polls. All poll submittals should be monitored.
  •  For COIL Polls, only COIL subscribers should be
    able to access COIL polls. Poll submittals should be monitored.

8. story

The Story content format is most suitable for the submittal of
articles. Drupal supports a user voting feature whereby the most popular stories
can be promoted to higher positions in the listings.

  •  Public Story submittals can be made only by
    paying subscribers. All Story submittals should be monitored.
  •  COIL Story submittals can be submitted only by
    COIL members. COIL Story submittals to COILS involving minors must be

9. weblink

Weblinks provide links to other websites and pages. Thus, they can
serve as very useful directories to subject areas on the web or on REALNEO.

  •  Public Weblink submittals should be monitored.
  •  COIL Weblink submittals should be monitored if
    they occur in a COIL involving minors.

10. blogmark



Blogmarks provide an alternate method for creating a Weblink. Thus, we may not want to include this feature. If we do include Blogmarks, they should be subject to the same restrictions as Weblinks.

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