DREAM Neighborhood?!!

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 Now that it is apparent that Jackson is going down - the powerbrokers in this town (Forest City) have to line up another puppet regime.

 Two egos are ripe for the picking- Joe Cimperman and Brian Cummins.  While, the two have never liked each other   - the struggle for real estate interests in the W.25th Corridor now aligns them. 






Click Here to learn about the broader W. 25th St – Pearl Rd Corridor Initiative. CONSULTANT ... Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Project Facilitator & Planner


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    The West 25th Street Corridor is home to influential economic drivers ... System is the largest employer on the West side of Cleveland with 5,000 jobs at the main.

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    Nov 13, 2014 - CLEVELAND, Ohio -- West 25th Street could become a fresh epicenter ... population density along the West 25th Street corridor in Cleveland.

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    The West 25th Street Corridor Initiative is a collaborative planning effort for West ... the corridor, developed by Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design.

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    W. 25TH STREET INITIATIVE. Abstract: The West 25th Street Corridor Initiative is a collaborative planning effort for West 25th Street The goal of this initiative is to ...

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    Census 2000, City of Cleveland Neighborhood Market Drilldown, by Social ... Clark Ave and W. 25th – important and heavily used streetcar routes helped.


  • This new dynamic duo (think shadow players Rokakis-Frangos) have an EXCITING idea to foist on taxpayers via the puppet CDO - Stockyard, Clark Fulton, Brooklyn Centre.  Since, good ole Jim Rokakis can't deliver demolitions to benefit his mob friends on the 130-150 vacant properties in the quadrant between Clark and Lorain to the north - an area encompassing Cummins' ward and Cimperman's ward- the latest proposal concocted by Jeff Ramsey is to market the area as the "DREAM" neighborhood - with the houses going to SELECT developers for rental (sale?) ONLY to REFUGEES (I can't make this shit up).  

    The scheme will benefit Jeff Ramsey with development fees (kickbacks from select developers ?) and no doubt low-income tax credits  to the CDO.

    This plays nicely into the non-profit Refugee Response, conveniently now led by Cummin's devotee Darren Hamm (Johanna Hamm is Cummins' assistant).  Expect Brent Larkin to write a glowing editorial about this latest ploy for federal monies.


    See also: .  http://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/index.ssf/2015/02/cleveland_mayor_frank_jackson_44.html

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    DREAM neighborhood = Restrictive Convenants of OLD!

    I attended this City Club program - discussion avoided all mention of  the "investment" strategy of disinvestment in Cuyahoga County (especially in African-American zipcodes-Think Opportunity Corridor) and failure to follow up on flipping and sale of tax liens that disproportionately affected African-Americans who lost their homes.  


    A lot of mea culpa talk about historical zoning, covenants etc. but no discussion on any effort that will result in building a tax base and building services in all CLE neighborhoods -- and now all of Cuyahoga County - as predominantly African-American Maple Heights is in fiscal emergency due loss of tax revenue to foreclosures and vacant properties. 




     City Club - Rick Jackson, Freddie Collier, James Reece, Brian Smedley

    All kind of ironic since - Brian Cummins and Joe Cimperman - are proposing restrictive covenant for the "DREAM" neighborhood!

    I also spoke afterward with Planning Director Freddie Collier, who seems hesitant to do anything about Tim Donovan on the Board of Zoning Appeals.  I described to him the attempt by Brian Cummins and SCFCDO to get variance for tax delinquent Sam Khaleq.   My contention would be that NO ONE in tax arrears should get a variance - as Cummins was trying to do for Khaleq.  It's also important that Board of Zoning appointees are current in their own taxes and that anyone coming before BOZA is current with their taxes.  I emphasized to Freddie Collier that ANY public employee should be current in their taxes and he noted that there are probably MANY public employees who collect a paycheck c/o taxpayers, but who fail to pay their taxes.  (TJ Dow being one of them).

    Shouldn't it be a job requirement of all public employees to be current w/their taxes?   Am I the only person outraged by fact that Tim Donovan continues on Board of Zoning Appeals and that South Euclid Law Director also gets away with non-payment of taxes?  Then, again, there is always our illustrious Land Bank Director Gus Frangos and his LLCs.  No one seems to care!



    And - stay tuned for "Villa Hispana" (mentioned at this event) - project backed by Stark Group (not Hispanic) - here's how much buy-in achieved by Hispanic Alliance:


    And see the outline for "Dream" neighborhood here:



     The likely sponsor from inception is private development entity having solid experience working at the scale of a La Villa Hispana neighborhood, as well as familiar with the complexities of mixed‐use development. It is recommended that the private developer partner with one or more local non‐profit developers, early on, so as to establish both good will within the community, as well as to leverage the strengths of each development entity




    The company announced in January that it plans to transform its corporate structure, in a move that will help Forest City keep its tax burden low. The $8.8 billion real estate business, which maintains headquarters at Terminal Tower, expects to transform from a C-Corp into a REIT on Jan. 1, 2016.






    Is Cleveland Racist? And who is Blaine Griffin??

    I don't think CLE's media handlers expected this reaction to Dan Mouthrop's "Is Cleveland Racist?" article at Politico 



     Interesting - interaction with Dan Mouthrop at FB over Blaine Griffin telling off well-known immigration attorney Richard Herman with "Screw You" -

    Richard Herman elaborates:

    Griffin, the head of Frank Jackson's Community Relations board, which is charged with addressing race relations in the city, should be leading the charge to unite and re-build neighborhoods. Instead, as one of the political arms of Jackson (much like Valerie McCall),. he is focused on doing public relations for Jackson and protecting the political brand. As the Director of jackson's re-election campaigns, and as Co-Chair of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, should we be surprised?


    Donovan retained on BOZA- by corrupt Jackson Admin - !!




    In response, I posted this comment this morning 3/26 8:50 a.m. and it has immediately been deleted 

    Northeast Ohio needs the towpath development - and Tim should continue to raise funds through grants at Canalway, but he needs to pay back his taxes and he needs to immediately be removed from the Board of Zoning Appeals. As BOZA member, he will have to recuse himself from any decisions regarding the West 25th Corridor - Federal Scenic Byway - funds his organization helps to manage through Canalway Partners.

    If the City of Cleveland thinks residents are not watching this - see REALNEO. There have already been attempts to play shady deals with a historic firehouse and the owners of the Masonic Building 3804 West 25th are also NOT paying their taxes - close to $27,000 unpaid. NEOMG can delete my comments here, but they will still be posted at REALNEO.

    There is also the matter of the long-vacant YMCA building 3881 W 25 ST, Cleveland, OH 44109 listed now as owned by "I'M IN TRANSITION, MINISTRIES"
    - with close to $82,000+ in unpaid taxes on one parcel and $35,000+ on the second parcel.