Supporting President Obama Does Not Mean Letting Him Off the Hook

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 07/31/2009 - 10:41.

Max Eternity - I voted for Obama, and I stand by my decision.  However since his election, the list of dissappointments continues to grow; threatening the balance sheet of pros and cons.  From the horrendous, multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the already rich and wealthy, Wall Street elites, to health care rights for all and economic empowerment to the people, the President has strayed far and wide from many of his campaign commitments.  In the accompanying video below, Naomi Wolf comments on the shameful disappointments of President Obama.


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eternal thanks

i wanted to comment about obama but i haven't had time... go naomi - make it real.

Obama the product is not "new" and "improved"

  Reposting:   Sadly, I think that every thing and every one in this country including Barack Obama, becomes the latest brand sold to the American people.  I want Obama to rise above hype and to affect real change...locally, we have folks trying to use the same brand strategy to install what they consider the only marketable brand that will sell in the City of Cleveland. 

Start thinking in terms of flesh and blood and real human interaction, not some marketing concept.  We really do need a citizen dashboard for this entire country--providing some accountability.

We must will only go so far.

While I totally agree that a citizen dashboard is much needed, not just in NEO, but all across the nation, what good will it do if the citizenry is brain-dead, lazy and inept?  Activism does not require any specific methodolgy of delivery, because when passions are truly inflamed, the messenger will do what ever it takes to get the message out--by any means necessary as Malcolm X used to say.

Just as America suffers from epic obesity in the body, we suffer the same symptoms in the brain.  Truth is, we are not a physically fit nation of sage intellectuals as we think ourselves to be.  And until we are more willing to fess up to the cold reality of our own demise, placing the blame on oursleves, instead of poor people with lots of oil, we'll never crawl out of this hell-hole of a masquerade, calling itself democracy. 

We do have options, though technology will only take us so far.From cell phones to Email, with the endless supply of communication available to all Americans, poor and rich alike, we must acknowledge that technology is not the problem

So here's the bottom line is this.  Until we come to our senses, folks like Bush, Obama, Bush and Clinton will continue to do what they've always done, rape us over a barrel.  Obama might give us a wink and a kiss, but it's really starting to look like he's just another power hungry, socio-political, economic rapist. 

Obama is not all bad, but he's hardly as good as he pretends to be.