Art of the Day: B'Log by Harry "X" Sysack

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 12/24/2007 - 12:40.

Harry X Sysack Billboard

After what seemed like quite a lapse in postings, Northeast Ohio's original b'logger (billboard logger), Harry "X" Sysack, recently put on-line what he promises is "the truth & the whole truth your overpaid teachers & benighted college professors never teach you". Sysack's line is on the RTA, on his private property where W.25th forms Pearl, and his "truths" begin with "Yo, students" and include "What is Christian America all about? Everybody is fuckin' everybody & everybody is lyin' about how they're fuckin' everybody. All politicians are evil & dishonest...". And, one of my favorites, "All lawyers are legal ho's."

Ho, ho, ho... feeling merry? Apparently not Harry. In fact, he appears very disturbed for the world to see. Harry is mad as hell, and feels free to express his displeasure more openly and publicly than most anyone with any type of log. That Harry does this in a uniquely graphical and striking way elevates his "blog" to public art, and Harry is surely one of the region's most important "outsider" artists.

Is the Sysack mural an indicator of the mood of the region?  See his whole "truth" in a larger image size here. Note, the very last line is hidden by snow, so you'll need to swing by the sign until someone can post the conclusion here.

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