How to survive a mass shooting flee hide bite spit cover shoot back play dead & more (tremont etc. shooter survival training

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Thanks Mike, I'd like to add that our local schools are implementing shooter survival training along with earthquake and fire drills. And we now have bullet proof backpacks and jackets... We shouldn't need this kind of training, but better to be prepared than not. Thanks for the great tips, it could happen anywhere... • Reply • Share › cclearly • 4 hours ago

(NaturalNews) As a concealed carry permit holder trained in handgun combat, I've learned more than a few things about surviving an encounter with armed shooters. In this two-part audio series, I share valuable, practical advice on how you can survive active shooting scenarios, with or without your own firearm. These two special reports, linked below, cover concepts like: • Fleeing the scene

• Fighting back with firearms

• Fighting back without firearms • Closing with attackers to neutralize rifles: grappling range

• Unarmed attack methods: eye gouges, biting, spitting, hair pulling, groin shots, using expedient weapons like forks and chairs

• The concepts of "cover" vs. "concealment"

• The physics of gunfire... don't believe the Hollywood myths

• Why vehicles do not provide cover from gunfire

• Playing dead and using other bodies as concealment and cover

• The importance of being armed (where legal to do so)

• Why gunmen never expect people to fight back

• Why waiting for the police to arrive and save you is a horrible mistake

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