Post Hauser issue?

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Gerrymandering has and will continue to erode communities in the City of Cleveland core.  Is this all part of a design?  What defining issue should REALNEO focus on in the coming months?

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Disempowering the community

  Is this the agenda...closing churches, further undermining the Cleveland Metropolitan School District with a corrupt buildings plan that receives NO REAL scrutiny from the PD, abuse of HUD funds to demolish the historic fabric of our what end??

Assess the state of virtual reality of REAL NEO

I'd like to make the next issue Real Coop and assess the state of virtual reality of REAL COOP, from REALNEO to the Backhearts to! We have lots of related content and discussions in place in the category and need to address many related issues, from cyberstalking to our terms of use and organization strategy, all within the coming days, weeks and months.

My proposal to the County, which is moving forward, will fund working with the inventor of Drupal on the capabilities to do all this world-class, and we should use REALNEO and REAL COOP to determine and realize what that means

Disrupt IT

Realneo as a candidate's forum


The recent postings on Realneo by numerous candidates  for public office and their supporters has raised a few issues:   
1.   Where the Realneo “office of Citizen” block had images of Mr. Reed and Mr. Cummins related to the recent jerrymandering of their respective Cleveland wards, and where supporters of Mr. Nagin and Mr. Cintron have become users at Realneo, and to prevent any impression that Realneo was collectively endorsing any candidate in Ward 14, the Office of Citizen block has been edited to remove any active candidates images.
2.         The use of as a web site for candidate information and discussion  strikes me as just the role Realneo hoped to provide the community.  I have heard concern from Realneo users that the painted on a wall with a candidate’s name may be seen as suggesting that Realneo has endorsed that candidate.   I see the association of a candidate’s name with in the same way as the candidate might have their bio/discussion on Facebook or Myspace and thus link in their campaign postings to those web sites.   The association (e.g. in political advertizing) of a candidate’s name with does not constitute an endorsement by Realneo of the candidate.
 3.    How could Realneo be improved as a forum for Candidates?


Realneo as a candidate's forum

 If the realneo website link is displayed in the same wall as a candidiates campaign info, yes, I would take that as an endorsement. When I do a flyer, I put a name at the bottom for ownership. The implication is too strong to ignore or explain away. The name should not be on any candidates wall, literature,etc. I think if it is on a wall, it needs to come off.

If we could actually have a forum on the site that candidates participate in, (and remember, Ward 14 is not the only ward having an election on September 8th), then we could have a wall that only is for inviting people to come look at the forum.

Right now, if someone were to link to the site and see all the pro-Cintron postings, it could be easily construed as endorsement if they took that link from a wall that also has the candidate on it.

Debbie Webb


1) I applaud your editing the postings of photos of active candidates on the "Office of the Citizen"... as I had thought in my earliest visits that it was a sponsor or something to those candidates. Now, the playing ground is fairly leveled and I thank you for that.(Because I support another candidate than shown.) 

2) The use of next to a candidate name/below it in this case--- I was running out of room.... but I'd love to make a sign for realneo that sprawls across the top of the building later. 

I need red brick paint if anyone wishes to donate it. I'll use it to paint over the sign this weekend, creating a blank canvass to for more political sharing to the public at large. All the paint used was donated by other sources who don't want to be abused for their political beliefs... 

3) REAL NEO IMPROVEMENTS: Improve it for the people, not the candidates. Candidates are solicitors of votes... Salesman if you will...

I like the idea of not feeling like REALNEO is biased in any way. I love the fact that folks challenge the best in eachother, herein. I think this forum is the community forum for the citizens at large==== that those politicians have removed from our prevent folks from holding them accountable. So, I believe that we should allow them to be treated as one of us...they should be treated as equally, fairly, and considerately you and me.

REALNEO is a rare civic organization that should be grounded in protecting the voices of the little people when candidates are selling their souls to get votes/support. I think that by protecting the little people's voices through open dialogue, you are doing more for all the communities than all the candidates combined. I think that by allowing for open forums/discussions by the people-you are encouraging activism from those who are intimidated by the public forums in their communities or cannot attend. This avenue provides a direct, respectable format for our citizens to vocalize their concerns & ideas without being punished...while sustaining a written transcript of the dialogues-for accountability measures...which is priceless! 

The city should be funding this website.



B) You have all those areas (CLEVELAND, etc) under the blog scroll downs... but what about breaking them down to the specific WARDS too? 

C) Lack of Knowledge: Many of the transient folks have no clue what Ward they live in. Maybe you could post the gerrymandered map of Cleveland with links to the wards so that folks could learn here... also include the info about ward leaders with job descriptions, about block clubs, and map them out for the city at large as they become available.

D) Sustaining Accountability Logs/Transcripts of the people: As a central documenter (REALNEO) of that intelligence... You can make the city wide block club network available to the citizens at large in a way that has never been incorporated to date...and because people here are so brutally honest and don't have to worry about censorship from the politicians who hide behind their dog and pony pretty faces...our citizens can demand action through here-while openly learning about the process of being actively involved in our community. The people can meet other folks to help them address their issues as well.

E) SAFE PLACE FOR EVERYONE: One of my dreams is that people have a safe place to share a story/issue about their community/neighborhood- and then open the dialogue to reach a resolve, invite proactive help, and to promote/encourage solutions that are viable for the community at large.  I feel as though I have found that here at REALNEO.US. I am grateful to all of the people herein.

F) I suggest that the top left corner where Roldo's photo is at be changed to list the daily Civic/Community events in Cleveland for the public at large. I find myself picking up flyers to thousands of events in Cleveland where I can take my child....and I wish I could share those many free events with, I started posting them to share with the REALNEO Families who might be interested in those events. Instead of me going to 20 different websites...I'd love to be able to visit just one site that does track all the local events enabling us to have more choices of participation.... I think that by centralizing all those events, some of which are redundant community services...we can also begin to see where lots of public events/charitable events/etc are double tapping resources and how we could reduce that, force collaborations, and effectuate a more realistic perview of the things going on in our community.

Thanks for providing this forum...I hope that our entire city becomes enlightened by this website and starts joining the forces within to empower our citizens.


GOTTA RUN! THERE'S A COMMUNITY WALK AT 2nd District at 6pm...and I must get out there and rally our people!!! 


speaking of the calendar in the left column...

 there are several events that are really solicitations with upcoming deadlines. they sorta have the calendar space used up, so to actually see events going on now you have to go into the calendar (does that make sense?)

is there any way to fix that? Like maybe make the calendar a few lines longer?


Just a couple of quick thoughts, Angel. If the City were to fund thise site in any way, you, me, anyone else could not practice free speech, even if it were not related to the City of Cleveland as the local powers that be have friends everywhere. Funding always come with strings. Some are loose, but those of the city would strangle.

The other thought is the photo of Roldo. Suggesting removing it, well, that verges on



Thanks for the enlightenment

I was unaware of the strings attached issus/public speech/public money issues... but the citizens of our community can still make donations, right? 

I know if I had the extra cash-I'd put it here before anywhere! 

Perhaps because I am new and unaware of Mr. Roldo's significance, I don't get it? I did not mean to remove his photo, rather to relocate it so as to share the current events of that day with everyone.

Now...on the level of blasphemy...I am quite certain Roldo's not a God in my eyes... Yet, I'll try to respect your opinion of his sacred status because of my lack of knowledge as to his identity in I am certain many folks are! 

Main Entry:
blas·phe·my Listen to the pronunciation of blasphemy" alt="
Listen to the pronunciation of blasphemy" src="" />
Inflected Form(s):
plural blas·phe·mies
13th century

1 a: the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God b: the act of claiming the attributes of deity2: irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable



Last word

  Who has the last word here?  No one should be considered the last word.  I would like to see a tag cloud somewhere on the sidebar, rather than the current left hand sidebar. 

Why a "tag cloud"

Hello Laura, Others have mentioned a "tag cloud" too.  As I understand it, the tag cloud emphasizes more frequently hit words by enlarging them.  Sort of like Google Zeitgeist

I'm not sure how a tag cloud would be useful ?   I usually look at the RH side "what's popular today" and at the comments on the upper RH side to see what's new.  Would a tag cloud improve on navigation?

best, jeffb


  I just feel limited by the tags and categories allowed by our posts...small complaint.


Uh, I was being humerous in my reference  to blasphemy.

There is a donation bar upper right hand corner.


wHO the h@ll...

suggested Roldo be taken off the side bar??????

have you lost your mINd?????

who the hell

 Someone who needs to slow down a bit and also listen and learn.  

consider a broader context

 wikepedia: "Blasphemy" may be used by extension to describe any display of gross irreverence towards any person or thing deemed worthy of exalted esteem. In this broader sense the term is used by Sir Francis Bacon in the Advancement of Learning, when he speaks of "blasphemy against teaching".

Again... WHO IS ROLDO? Remember that many of us don't know!

I asked about the unknown ROLDO to learn more... not be irreverant.

I feel the same way about WARD 14 as you all feel about ROLDO!!! 

Can I put a photo with the words, "WARD 14 RESIDENTS" above Roldo because I think that they are significant too?  



If you click on the picture in the sidebar, you can read about Roldo, but more importantly you can read Roldo. That link will take you to his recent entries, all entries on realneo, as well as a biographical sketch, archive of writings and a speech he gave at Cleveland City Club at Cleveland Memory.

As far as citizen journalism goes, Roldo is a senior statesman among us. As Quest would say, he's been "speaking truth to power" in this community since the late 1960s.

I believe that his contributions are valuable to this site not only for his current perspective, but also his memory of events that have led us to where we find ourselves today in NEO. While many have found their voices with the advent of the internet and disguises (online identities - usernames that are not our real names), Roldo found his voice when he discovered that the press was manufacturing consent and he promptly left that contrived industry and began to speak for himself and for and to the people by publishing Point of View, a subscription newsletter some issues of which are now archived at Cleveland Memory at Cleveland State University Library.

During the Gateway debacle he had printed bumper stickers that read "Let Jacobs Pay". You may recall having seen them as they were quite popular. Roldo continues to document how our elected officials take from the poor and give to the rich in NEO providing regular updates on how our money is being wasted. He has a long view of many of the politicians in power now, those running for office currently and those now retired from public service as well as members of the press and developers in our community who have made out like bandits.

Roldo...nice...thanks for the info.

Time is short this moment..but promise to look into links later.... Thanks for filling me in...and yes...a man of that nature deserves our respect...




  The only patron saint of NEO in my book would be Ed Hauser...for now...I reserve the right to have my own judgement on any one else...this is my opinion...

Remember this is a forum...we are ALL allowed to have our personal opinions....