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 This is the scene almost daily for people walking in the neighborhood up and down Jefferson Avenue.  If the wind is blowing, most of the time walkers have to step over the boxes and garbage strewn across the sidewalk.  Disabled residents have to maneuver around this mess - in hot weather, this causes flies, rats and other vermin in close quarters of the kitchen. 

An open venue for furry four legged critters to dine alfresco when the coast is clear and if they happen to be bold, they might just join the humans for supper. 

Why has the City of Cleveland's Dept. of Public Health over looked this for so long?  Resident are expected to live up to muster - keep their garbage cleaned up - what gives?  Are we judged by double standards in Tremont? 

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                           Welcome to Tremont.
Where TWDC promotes the inequality of life for residents and outsiders have more rights than life long residents. 

Trendy upscale bars


Why is this happening? Why does TWDC continue to support such out right and obvious violations?   (Don’t they have a code inspector ??)
Who is getting a kick back??? Or simply just got a big payday in the beginning?
This is a prime example as to why the residents in ward 14 don’t want Tremont West money grubbing hands representing their interest. It’s cleared that TWDC and has agenda that does not include the wishes of the community.
We (in ward 14) have not had any kind of community development in the last four years and yet we would prefer to continue with out a CDC than to have TWDC force unwanted business in our neighborhoods. 
We don’t want these trendy upscale bars that destroy any semblance of normal life.
Devil in ward 14   

Upscale is not a dirty word

Johnny's is an upscale bar/restaurant in Ward 14 and I'm glad they are here.  Before redistricting, we had Bruno's on West 41st.  Both are/were an asset to Ward 14 and I wouldn't mind another such place in lieu of  Crystal's on Fulton. 

I understand what Devil is

I understand what Devil is saying.  I have lived in Ward 14 for over 40 years and I have yet to step foot into Johnny's.  To be fair I have never stepped foot into Crystal's either.  Why does it have to be one extreme or the other?  Why not just something family friendly like the Subway on W. 25th and Daisy?  Something that is reasonably priced to meet the income of the majority of the neighbohood would be nice.  What about a nice pizza shop?  Bella's used to be in this area, but they have flew the coop along with some of the nicer stores that used to be on the corners, I think they used to be Dairy Mart or something like that.  Nice, well-kept neighborhood stores where you could send your children to buy a loaf of bread or a quart of milk.  Now, I wouldn't want to see a child walk to the store alone.  And most of the adults that live here do not feel save to walk in this neighborhood.  It is sad, very sad.  But, it is not too late to turn the area around.  With the right leadership there is still hope for this area, but time is running out.

dirty is

dirty is disrespecting long time residents.

dirty is using tax dollars intended to help poverty neighborhoods to lure "upscale" "trendy" outsiders who are already filthy wealthy and don't need the help

dirty is going on the offense against poor residents (who don't receive those tax dollars intended to help them fix up their homes) using our city offices

dirty is TWDC

dirty is greed

greed is a sin

do you need any more dots connected, kate?



Dirty is also when you have

Dirty is also when you have these business owners that move in and have absolutly no respect for the residents that have lived there all their lives and put everything they could possibly rake and scrape together into a home and then have to hump up inside like prisoners and take whatever these owners want to dish out by way of noise, trash, disrespectful patrons, have their parking spaces nabbed by valet parkers illegally charging patrons and parking on public streets, etc.

These business owners who live out in places like Bay Village and other places come in put a nightclub in our midst, throw out patios right in the back yards of residential homes with speaker boxes that blare well into the night and give no thought to the sleeping/rest needs of working individuals, students, elderly, sick or babies.  At the end of  the night they take their bag of loot and go home to quiet peaceful rest and most are already there and pay somebody else to haul the cash to the bank.

Anybody complains, we're just being negative, we should feel so blessed to have these award winning all night juke joints in our neighborhood.  For everybody that feels that way, we should move them right next to them and turn up the volume, force them to put up with the crap for about a month, i guarantee they'll come around.


problem upscale establishments

Jerleen, did you see the Henry Gomez story(http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2009/10/cleveland_officials_try_to_clo.h...) that goes on to say : Days later, at Cimperman’s request, City Council adopted a resolution that characterized View as "unfit" to hold a liquor permit because the owner "demonstrates a disregard for the laws, regulations or local ordinances." Eggett said he learned of the latest opposition this week.

Have you any hopes of voting the precinct dry? 


sunday liquor

 actually all the tremont businesses have an issue on the ballot to allow sunday liquor...

issue 12 or something like that.


Kate, no one said that upscale is a dirty word. Please read the post that you responded to that uses the qualifier : trendy upscale bars that destroy any semblance of normal life. 

While you are speaking on

While you are speaking on behalf of Ward 14, this is also a prime example of why residents in both Ward 13 and Ward 14 should not support the proposed changes to the by-law and Articles of Incorposation. 

These proposed changes if passed will alter the committee structures to the extent that the TWDC Board will appoint the member of the most important committees - and the committees are in charge of making the decisions of endorsing and supporting businesses that come into our neighborhood.  If we the residents have no say and cannot be members with voting privileges of these important committees there will be many  more money grubbing hands representing their own agendas not to mention our communities will be over-run with unwanted businesses and development.  

Right now the way I see it, the part of Ward 14 that is serviced by Tremont West has only one hope of receiving their fair shake of  allocated funds and that is if Rick Nagin gets elected as their Councilman.  

Rick you need to get your constituents together and take them on a hay ride on November 11, 2009, as far away from anything to do with Tremont West as possible.

Issue 6 is much the same

Issue 6 is much the same type of appointed leadership, but for all of Cuyahoga County.  This is why I am opposed to issue 6. 

And, I agree Jerleen, Ward 14 needs Rick Nagin to be elected to council if there is to be any hope for the residents of Ward 14. 

dwebb and others,Do you

dwebb and others,

Do you think that you could get Rick Nagin to attend the Old South Side Community Coalition meeting on Monday October 19, 2009, to join in a discussion on  the proposed changes to the TWDC by-laws and Articles of Incorporation since these changes do and will adversely effect Clark Metro and Ward 14 residents?

The Board meeting last night was most interesting.  There will be an article in the Nov. issue of th Plain Press covering the by-law issues so I am not going to go into depth on a lot of the details.

The word conspiracy on the level of the by-law committee is wrong - and after watching the faces of some of those present at the board meeting last night, to even to use the word collusion or complicity seems a bit out of place.  As I watched some of these individuals try to answer the question put to them, first by the sitting board members, and then by those of us that were mere interlopers, the only word that came to mind was "wooed." 

Enamored, captivated, entranced- - - - - - BE W-i T c -H - E- D --- somebody told these people a love sotry and whether out of lack of knowledge, naivete, the need to believe, listening to somebody talk who sounded brilliant, etc., - I don't know, but I do know one thing,  somebody sold a bill of goods and it went over like a sheet of fine woven silk.  

I have watched the videos for the 2010 IRS changes for NOn Profit Organizations, especially the Goverance, Policy and Procedure segment and there is not one single word or indication in there that states or makes any type of requirement that this or any other organization must change their Articles of Incorporation to use the language that is now included in the proposed changes that this committee wants the membership to vote for.  Take control of or purchase "Blighted" areas, that could be anything from a broken shingle to a broken window pane?  Could be anybody's house?  There is nothing in the IRS changes that says they have to take out the humanitarian services. 

But what is clear is that the Attorney advising this group is from Cleveland State and that she is CDC oriented and I have it from other sources that NPI foots the bills along with Cleveland Foundation - which makes her guiding these changes in the direction of appeasing the funders (NPI and Cleveland Foundation) 

Even one of the by-law committee members, Deane Malaker,  abstained from endorsing these by-laws for approval to be voted on at the November 11 meeting.   Tim Jenkins had to own up to it being a miskate that he did not pass around the proposed changes to the Articles of Incorporation to, according to him, a couple of the block clubs for review and discussion.  However, I went to four block clubs where the by-laws were discussed and the charter changes were not passed out- that's 4 out of 10 ( actually 4out of 9) because 1 block club did not have a meeting. 

All of a sudden, Tim acts like he runs TWDC. 




 :::the Attorney advising this group is from Cleveland State:::

what's her name?




 sweet pea

She and Kermit Lind provide

She and Kermit Lind provide "free" legal services to TWDC.  I know paid for by somebody and through a source I was told NPI and Cleveland Foundation?

tattered fringe

It’s not really development is it, restaurants and bars are not really developments.

How much taxes are being collected, social services are funded through the county primarily, through in part sales taxes and then mostly through federal taxes. That’s coming back by way of Washington through Columbus through the county. Its not your money is somebody else’s your coming up short again.

How much is being collected in taxes from these establishments? Not much I bet.

The CDC’s charter is to raise the value of the taxable base that funds the programs It indirect, that how they see it working.

Buying the best home on the worst street is going to loose value, having the worst home on the best street appreciates in value. The higher value increases the base at all levels, it requires higher incomes (higher income taxes) it raises property values (higher taxes). Income taxes pay for the public services and property taxes as well.

The grants are not intended to be direct payment for those services, that’s flat it goes no place. The Grants are intended to raise values. They are not pursuing anything more than higher values and higher relative taxes.

Then you get into how the city and county uses the funds, if and when they get more they spend more and you can’t see that, it gets eaten up in higher payments for labor and material, ineffiecent and wasteful. 

How much public funds went into this location then home much tax revenue is coming out? Before and after if it is a net gain then all the social services get a net gain. But what if it isn’t generating taxes?

You have the building and related property taxes, then the income taxes for all that employed there.

The point is that if any public funds are dispersed then accountability should be one hundred percent. Even the fact that nearly everything is taxable then any earned income needs to be disclosed. How do we know that others are paying taxes as we are?

That’s what I am attempting to explain, that being what is needed is parcel metrics and if government funds get applied then the results have to be demonstrated.

It's very obvious that if a something is built on vacant land even if property tax is abated it will generate income to the municipality it produces income taxes.

What they do is polarizing they should be defining the existing mean and working on that, they are cheating the system. I would not be sure any of it produces any net gains….but it may be. It could be how they decide which CDC gets additional funding. Actually it should be…but they may be running on instinct and intuitive feelings?

I personally think that Tremont got a layer of plastic and cheap laid on it. It a contrived value to me…fake.

Cleveland is F’d up it has too much poverty, its everywhere and spreading, its not placating it and patronizing it that will change that. But it concerns me the effort and the potential for inflation I have seen it and the ridiculous false values. Fake and nasty renovations over rotten and degrading….I have seen the vinyl siding pop off under the warped structures.

Then this whole ideal of the inalienable rights to live in squallier as if that’s an acceptable lifestyle choice? Then people aligning on that in defiance, advocating choices off the edge or better onto a tattered fringe.

CDCs are shadow government

  HUD monies and the camouflaged use of HUD funds to condemn structures and clear land for developers like NRP, especially along commercial corridors, are the new game in town--Jerleen.  NPI, Cleveland Foundation, Plain Dealer and lots of our paid political representatives on in on this game, but it's considered above the reproach directed towards the Dimora/Russo patronage/powerbrokering game and the Mason/O'Malley legal system game.  It's a complex real estate game that involves flipping, foreclosures, straw buyers, property tax revision and, especially, demolitions.

It would/and will  be interesting to see who paid for Fairfield demos that cleared land for parking and the great unknown development planned around Grace Hospital/Greek Orthodox Church and Frank Giglio's properties and ODOTs needs for this land for the new Innerbelt bridge....

And who will pay for demolitions in Tremont and their greater service area including streets surrounding Metrohealth and especially--along State Rt. 42/Pearl Rd./West 25th...the old Wooster Turnpike to Columbus???? 

The FBI investigation into CMHA and Cleveland Building and Housing department needs to be put into high gear.  Maybe, then, some of you will understand what I have been alluding to here.

Laura, have you heard

Laura, have you heard anything about a $20,000,000 wellness center that is planned for Grace Hospital?  (I think that says 20 mil.)

Now that you mention this, yes

I believe Herb Crowther has been working on this for about three years - Peter Whitehouse has mentioned having some interest in that planning for at least that long, but I have never seen details or know the status - I can ask him what he knows now... has something been made public about this?.

That would explain demolishing Frank's house, meaning it has been in the works for years.

Timing is everything - and keeping plans secret until too late is how our leaders like to time things for citizens.

Disrupt IT

Yes, something has been

Yes, something has been mentioned and I have been trying to find out why up until now no one had heard anything about it.

At a recreational sub-committee meeting at TWDC on Sept. 15, wherein, I was not on the original invite list, but anyway, the discussions were on the possible locations for pocket parks and Sammy Catania had a map on the wall and during his pointing to marked locations, he stated that there was a plan for a $20mil. Wellness Center for Grace hospital.  Have heard nothing before or since on the subject.  Probably why i wasn't on the invite list. 

He also mentioned at that time that there was a plan for a nice big green space on West 14th Street - and that when the new bridge came through, there would be about 250 new parking spaces created by the big new exit ramp (circular I believe). 

At that point, a lot of things made sense to me, not only Frank's house, but the old boarded up houses owned by grace hospital that nobody seems to be able to get an answer for -  about why nobody is doing anything with or about them.

Tremont West is keeping a lot of secrets about the "development" that is going to be happening around here. 

Wellness Center at Grace Hospital

News to me Jerleen--$20 million dollar investment sounds good, but at what expense to residents?  

This has been very hush, hush.  Does it involve HUD? 

Obviously, we don't want one guy and his house to get in the way of progress...

my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

Fact of the matter is the

Fact of the matter is the bars/restaurants/nightclubs that have overtaken the Tremont community actually gives little back to the neighborhood.  Any taxes that are paid goes into a general fund, the new high prices condos that have been built are tax abated for 10-15 years - the business owners employ a few residential people at minimum wage with no benefits,  so when you add it all up - the scales do not balance - the people in the community (especially the old time residents, the people of lesser advantage, the minorities, actually are disenfranchised to a great extent as a result of this so called development).  The do not profit, benefit or reap any of the proceeds that come from the "development" currently going on or that is proposed. 

The only people who benefit are those with money who have the affordability to wait out until the payoffs come in from their investments - poor people cannot do that and they are taken advantage of. 

The mere mention of a dollar store causes these high and mighty people to cringe.

Nobody ever WINS in Tremont

You are being poisoned, remember.

The biggest losers are the rich people stupid enough to invest real money in the neighborhood and too stupid to move and stay away from the pollution purposefully dumped on the poor - Tremont is an intentional killing field.

I do love the idea of putting a "Wellness Center" a mile from a coal powered steel mill - that says it all about the evil fools surrounding you there.

Disrupt IT

I've only heard it mentioned

I've only heard it mentioned once by Sammy Catania - but it makes a lot of things make sense on West 14th Street.  Sammy was also heard making the statement in front of several residents that this entire community was going to be rezoned "commercial" so they might as well accept it. 

cosmic joke

I felt like a cosmic joke was being played tonight. I decided to go to the OSS meeting at the Library on Jefferson. All the spaces were taken in the library parking lot, and every space was taken on the street, both sides. I don't believe that all these people were in the library. As I drove through Tremont's narrow streets, I was reminded again of just how jammed in everything is now. Years ago, Tremont was just a neighborhood of people living there, and there was space to breath. Now it is people jammed on top of one another. What is the middle ground here and how does it get reached?