Bloggapalooza and Arts Collinwood featuring at Beachland Tavern

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Here's a worthwhile event notice from one of the Founders of Meet The Bloggers, George Nemeth, for their BLOGGAPALOOZA. Now at the Beachland Tavern, mixing with Arts Collinwood, this should be an amazing gathering - need to check this out for sure:

 A big thank-you to Anastasia Pantsios for including Bloggapalooza in the FT this week:

In 2005, some Cleveland bloggers disillusioned with The Plain Dealer's frontrunner-focused reporting on the mayoral race launched Meet the Bloggers, a forum for all the candidates to sit down at a local coffeehouse and talk at length on the issues ( Since then, it's moved on to talking with people who have been active in community development such as Walk+Roll founder Lois Moss and Beachland Ballroom owner Cindy Barber. (gn: though we didn't get to talk to Cindy. She's in the hospital).

Last year, to promote MTB, they launched Bloggapalooza, a day of music, drinking and schmoozing. On July 28, Bloggapalooza returns for its second year, at the Beachland Tavern (15711 Waterloo Rd.) from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. while the Waterloo Arts Festival is happening outside on the street. The event features four bands - The Taller We Grow, The Elderly Brothers, Ghetto Wisdom and Word of Mouth - plus a roundup of five comedians collectively called Chucklefuck. A $5 suggested donation benefits Arts Collinwood.

"It's like a blogger block party," says organizer George Nemeth of "We're all very serious about our blogs but we want to have a good time with this. The Little Rascals used to get together to sing and dance. The bloggers are getting together to put on a show." - Anastasia Pantsios

Hope you can make it down on Saturday. It should be a blast. Details here:

By the way, if you come down early, or stay late, ArtsCollinwood can use a hand with the festival. Also, for the poets, there's a poetry competition and an open mic. Also, Gina DeSantis will be there with Mike Zellers and Ruth Sholtis-Furyes as vendors, so make sure you swing by their booth. While you're at it, check out Anastasia's table in the Rock 'n' Roll flea market next door at the tavern.

One last thing (geez, there's a ton happening). Jim Eastman will be deejayin' at the after party. I'm attaching a flyer for you.


Beachland Tavern
15711 Waterloo Rd.
Cleveland, OH
United States

Geez is right

I am working the Seven Hills Home Days event at the same time (don't ask:) .  Good luck.  Americana at its best.

Claus Claus(e)

Evelyn, heads up!

Beachland Ballroom Blogapalooza Bloggers Bonanza

I'm there! is first / then krump dancing videos

Would love to come and meet the ft reporter, but business comes primero.  The signature forms for the referendum will be handed out Saturday on the West side (see http put it on the ballot .com) and then I'm shooting a  krump dance video in Cleve Hts. 

You guys have to cover for me at Blogpozzoso!