Tell NEO Friends in DC-area about Cleveland Club and this Capitol Tour!

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7GEN is pleased to provide a Drupal virtual community for the historic Cleveland Club of Washington, D. C., and they have used the technology very well - visit their clean, effective site here. If you frequent D.C., or have friends or family there with a "keen interest in Cleveland", connect with club President Brooke Stoddard at their online presence here. Their next event is this private tour of the U.S. Capitol, July 11, 2007, which will be exceptional.

Cleveland Club Tour of the U. S. Capitol

The Club is going on a special tour of the U. S. Capitol with one or more Capitol Historical Society guides on Wednesday, July 11, from 2 PM to approximately 4 PM. There is no charge for this tour, which is being sponsored for us by Society member British Petroleum, builder of the prominent building on Cleveland's Public Square.

Space for this tour is limited. Make your reservations by emailing brookecstoddard at cs dot com. First come, first served.

We don't know specifics of the tour at the moment, but very likely we will see the Brumidi Corridor (Brumidi was the "Michelangelo of the Capitol" who did the fresco paintings), the Old Supreme Court Room, Statuary Hall and more.

Many thanks for Club member Mike Eck for this effort. 


The Cleveland Club of Washington, D. C., founded in 1957, is an association of Washington men and women who share a keen interest in Cleveland. Most of the more than three hundred members are former Clevelanders or graduates of its universities. Participants include United States Representatives, judges, prominent federal officials, journalists and others of diverse background and occupation. More here...


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