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Submitted by jerleen1 on Mon, 04/20/2009 - 17:19.

Since becoming involved with my (Tremont) neighborhood goings-ons and concerns, I decided that in order to fully understand the needs and to be effective in supporting the needs of my neighbors, it was my duty to learn all I could on all levels of community organizational practice and procedures.  Today, I tip-toed into my first BOZA hearing. 

I actually went in support of the residents over around the West 8th Street property where the developers are trying to put 10lb of flour in a 5lb sack.  They started out trying to build 6 units on a postage stamp, 5, 4, and then today they said 3.  But to do that, they have to start all over. 

But the experience was learning the procedure for the Board of Zoning Appeals, the names of the hearing officers, the process for swearing in and listening to statements, the process by which decisions were made and then......there were the verbal out burst from those that didn't like the outcome.  I thought that only happened up at TWDC. 

I found it to be equivical to a very beneficial class and I do highly recommend it. 

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jerleen is "poster" child !

hi jerleen its great to have to have you graduate from commenter to poster - (laugh) your great at comments and i think more folks can read you at posting - we'er waiting for the letter that you received from chris -also you can video at  boza - i'll youtube my video when i videoed years ago - your an inspiration

eternal thanks, yogi guy


Guy, I'm holding on to that.

Guy, sorry, one thing, I must correct, the out burst was more as a result of Henry's statement or suggestion that a meeting of all parties should take place.  A lady that came with the developer kind of had a hissy fit and gave Henry the old "what fer"  and as I started out she decided it was my turn and "what ferred" me too.

Just be patient on the letter, it's coming.

Right now, I'm working on the May Plain Press Article which I have to get finished by tomorrow. 

The one thing most residents don't know is just how much you can learn at City Hall.