Cleveland School May Show Dana Paterson, at the Inner Circle

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Dana Paterson at Inner Circle

To help "Cleveland School" Neon Artist Extraordinair Dana Paterson celebrate, show-off and profit from his cover story feature in the Free Times newspaper, this week, the Inner Circle will feature an exhibit of Dana's recent and past work, with installation beginning this Friday, February 8, 2008, when you may meet the artist, from 4-7 PM... the exhibition will have a formal opening next Friday, Fenruary 15th, from 6-9 PM, and will remain on display through the end of the month.

Dana Paterson Neon Sculpture


This is the first Cleveland School May Show exhibit at the Inner Circle, which will be a regular feature of the Star Complex.... planned to include gallery space, a media arts center and studio and incubator space for professionals in the arts and creative class, like Dana. In fact, Dana was at the Star Complex today to look at space in the hope we can expand his studio there... more on this to follow, as it develops.

Dana Paterson Neon Sculpture

For more on Dana Paterson, read his feature in the Free Times here, and read more about his work on REALNEO here and here, and Tribe here... and then join us for an informal chat with Dana this Friday, tour the Star Cmplex, and spend some time at the Inner Circle, where the Cleveland School May Show. If you are a Cleveland School artist, curator or arts event organizer who may like to show in the Star Complex, or would like to learn more about Dana's work, please contact me at norm [dot] roulet [at] gmail [dot] com, or stop by this Friday to check the joint out.


Cleveland School May Show, at the Inner Circle
1519 Lakeview Road Star Complex (former Hough Bakeries)
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Congratulations Dana!

I've met Dana only briefly in the past and regret not being able to attend today's meet and greet due to prior obligations.  I thought the Free Times writeup was insightful and touching and I look forward to the formal exhibit opening with much anticipation.

Congrats to a great NEOn artist!

boo ya.

Cleveland School May Show Dana Paterson, at the Inner Circle.
I know a May Show is a MAY show but hope that its not "The CLE may show Dana Paterson" like as in Dana may show on friday, or the show may happen.

I want to line up a girly girl for this show but what happens if it does not go off?  Is it BYOB?

Cleveland School Artist Dana Paterson...

When I was thinking about identities to organize the arts around, in NEO, the winners were Cleveland School and May Show, and both were not registered as tradenames - so I registered them. They have powerful associations for me and I think it will be interesting for the community to define their long term identities.

So, Cleveland School Artist Dana Paterson is having a May Show exhibiton at the Inner Circle this Friday, February 15... and yes, he is.

Disrupt IT

OI! What a show - A review

So I drove in from Portage County, picked up friends in Lakewood that I had hyped the gig to, and off we went.   Plan was to arrive casually late and play it cool. 

Unfortunatly, the place was locked up tighter than a drum.  We circled the block, and apparently attracted the attention of the coppers sitting in the CCF parking lot on Euclid.   Not sure what they were thinking we were doing but there was nothing going on at the Star Complex that we could tell.  All the gates were locked up and lights appeared to be off.

Perhaps next time one could post a change if this thing did not go off... especially for the out of towners who came in.   On the flip side, no I get to make that night up to a wonderful girl.