Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 12/20/2007 - 20:51.

I know a friend in NY who has always admired neon, so, at Norm Roulet's suggestion, I visited the Dragon's Heir Neon Art Shop at 5900 Detroit Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.  Spend that Solstice present money on local ART!

As soon as  I came into Dana's shop - with gas burners flaring to heat the room - I took photos, but next time I'm back (next week) I will take video.

Dana IS eloquent about NEON.  

Vacuum pumps, "bombing" high voltage into the new neon tubes to heat them up and spread the phosphors, mica insulators to keep the tubes from shorting, paper which chars at 625 F to limit the temperature, Bytle (sp?) valves, antique blue tubes, drops of mercury vaporizing…


Dana represents a disappearing art.


So, this Sunday, I STRONGLY recommend that you attend Mr. Paterson’s OPEN HOUSE from 2:15pm to 7:00pm.  216-240-2261


I got some crazy ideas tonight.  Remember those Edgewater sails, and the Edgewater spinnakers which were posted on the Realneo header?   Well, they’d look great in neon!

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