Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 07/14/2007 - 18:38.

This is a shot taken over the breakwater last Wednesday, July 11, 2007.  I thought it would be fun to see it up against Norm's Realneo Header.  I'm not sure where Norm's photo was taken - are there any of the same spinnakers in the two photos?

But it reminded me to ask the Realneo audience: what are your sporting pleasures in and around Cleveland?  I know Kevin Cronin is an avid cyclist and he has posted here often with regard to cycling issues in NEO. 

The constant undercurrent of Ed Morrison's REI was that an economy will flourish when planted in a "quality, connected, civic space".   

What makes NEO a quality connected sporting space for you ?   Let's see it in photos!  If anyone recognizes the spinnakers - please log in and fill us in on the pro's (and any con's) of sailing afternoons on Lake Erie!

Sunset Spinnakers -inbound-off-Edge.gif70.68 KB

Wind in our Sails

Okay not exactly on point, but I was disappointed to learn that Cleveland scholars can not apply for the Institute of International Education/Goldman Sachs Global Leaders program.  Applicants must be from a list of participating universities.  Case Western Reserve University is not on the list.  (There are no state universities on the list at all)  Next year, maybe?

On a more related note--does the Cleveland Yacht Club (yacht sounds so rich, but I know that some of the "yacht" owners actually come from modest incomes) still offer a summer sailing camp?

 My poor father tried without success to get us to understand sailing.  I know that it is like riding a bike for some people.  Once you get it, you get it, and the thrill is empowering (as in wind in your sails).

Manchester Bidwell

Stretching the canvas and sailing metaphor again--today's PD again brings up the Manchester Bidwell model for empowering residents and claims it does not follow the "they need our help" model.  I don't see it, but if Cleveland is to have a similar complex (what are the One-stop Centers supposed to be doing?)...wouldn't the STAR/Inner Circle Complex fit the bill?

Star for Manchester Bidwell

I do believe this is planned for the area of University Circle and what is planned for the Star is similar so it would make sense to consider fitting the two together - it seems the Cleveland Foundation has taken the lead on this so we'll see.

Disrupt IT

I love sailing

The header photo was taken by the Edgewater Yacht Club during a regatta. I know there are ways for common folk to join sailing teams and classes but I'm not sure how - post on that if you find out. I took sailing camp  and sailed in Canada and New Orleans for many years and wouldn't mind taking it up again... Disrupt IT