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Gay Games in CLE

I was off this past week and was able to travel about the town on RTA - where I encountered a number of participants in the GG9 events.  It was thrilling to see visitors "stoked" about our town, and to see that local promoters and the cities of Cleveland and Akron rose to the challenge of coordinating such a massive event. 

I encountered athletes from France, Germany, Australia - and parts, of USA, like San Diego and NYC - and, everyone was effusive in their praise of our town.  So, KUDOS - to all.  But, let's not stop sucking in our gut, just yet.  We have to keep this momentum going and to make it part of the expectation for ANYONE visiting CLE.  Don't pull the flower pots down from the lamposts and GCRTA - spend more time on maintenance, like you did this week - sanitizing the usually stinky University Circle stop.  That's all for now.  Good job!