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This photo of an Iowa corn crib with it’s clear Moire pattern
phenomena suggests that it would be possible to make a large invisibility
like Harry Potters or bend
light around an object
making the object invisible. If the light bending
around the wires at the front and the back of the crib can make the wires on
both sides disappear in areas – perhaps
a design can be developed to make an object inside the wires disappear.

Corn cribs are now
obsolete (because all the corn harvested with modern combines – since about
1960 - is shucked – husk and cob removed - and stored as individual kernels) –
remaining today as “sculptures”, like the one in the photo, across the US and Canada.

Harvesting corn
is complex as outlined on this University of Arkansas site
, and as the
planting and harvesting equipment and techniques are improved the average per
acre output is approaching 200 bushels – demand for biofuels,
genetic engineering, and adding more anhydrous ammonia fertilizer will continue
to propel larger harvests.

Is it wise for Provinces and States to rely as heavily as they do on corn

Corn - which relies entirely on humans for its
propagation – seems evolutionarily a bit like a cuckoo or other parasitic brooding
– so clever and smart that it subcontracts out it’s own

The photo below shows an unusually shaped, elegant
pre-fab corn crib, many of which can be found through Illinois
and Iowa. The center "cupola" houses the head of an
elevator which delivered the corn to either of the two rounded sides which are
made from open webbed concrete blocks.
The door covers the drive-through “tunnel” which allowed vehicles to drop
the corn into the sub-floor elevator hopper.



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