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08/22/2008 - 09:00

Ironically, a competition similar to this one in 2003 brought an architect friend to town and he ended up stranded because of the electric grid failure. What catastrophe will happen this time around?


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Nice to see this becoming more real-world... how about real NEO

This competiton led to some interesting concepts for Irish Bend, in 2007, and will certainly offer innovative concepts for the target zone of Detroit Shoreway, this year... and focusing on Detroit Shoreway makes sense as the area is in play.

But I would love to see a competition like this for real world plans for all over NEO - an open calling for planners, designers, developers and CDCs to submit their real projects, in various stages from planning to completion, so we may have some evaluation and public analysis of them and get some sense of what quality initiative is actually happening and planned here each year. Jury and celebrate it, and invite very futurist plans, but try to connect excellence in design and planning with day to day real life around here, each year. There could even be public participation in the jury process, online and through exhibitions... perhaps there is a reality show in this... like that fashion show.

What would be the REALNEO Design Competiton winner for 2007? 2008? Any really good developments happen, happening, or planned recently?

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