Marc Canter on SXIP, on Gillmor Gang on Digital Identity

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Marc Canter participated in Steve Gillmor's December 31, 2004 Webcast on Identity Management and posted his observations on SXIP to his blog - this is an exciting evolution REALNEO supports... you'll soon see SXIP enabled and explained further here... for now, here are Marc's opinions:

Sxip can easily be supported (with as little as some Javascript) and
provides as thin of a layer as possible, while providing a DNS-like
service for digital identity. You can dive into it deeper - building
your own Sxip-compatible storage portals or just create a site that
reads compatible Sxip profiles and meta-data.

But the only money that's paid to Sxip is for maintaining a HomeSite
or MemberSite - and it's roughly the same price as maintaining a
digital certificate or domain name registered - and end-users pay

Sxip does not store ANY of the end-user's meta-data or even profile data about yourself.

Sxip simply stores (what they call) a GUPI - which is a value
presenting you and which points to your designated "HomeSite" (read:
DLA.) You can then move your data to any other HomeSite or what they
call "Membersite". This creates a SSO (single sign-on) environment for
all sorts of new apps, servcies and interactive content.

Sxip also supports the notion of multiple persona (which is part of
our PeopleAggregator design) and is everything we need for our 'open
standards' efforts, like


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