joe cimperman our hero "We would like to let as many people know as possible to assist the cuevas family in this time of need"

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 Thank you Guy for sending this out.
Out thoughts and prayers are with Angel and his family.
I just spoke with Director Riordan at Tremont West and he is setting up an account to receive donations to defray the cost of the funeral. We would like to let as many people know as possible to assist the family in this time of need.
Cory once the account Is up and open can you please send out to your entire list serve? And then we can all send to our respective lists as well. Thank you for doing this.
Thoughts and prayers to the Cuevas family.
Joe Cimperman <joecimperman [at] gmail [dot] com>

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Drunken driver crashes into motorcyclist in fatal Cleveland crash - angel l.cuevas, jr. - cuevas family needs help with funeral

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(contact angel cuevas the father at 216-244-4563 - also angels father died two weeks ago - angel has helped many folks for many years in tremont etc. to repair their cars etc. for free or at cost or low cost - at angels auto repair & towing at 961 jefferson ave., cleveland,ohio 44113) CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A driver who crashed his car into a motorcyclist in Cleveland early Monday morning was drunk behind the wheel, police said.

Angel L. Cuevas Jr., 25, of Parma was pronounced dead at MetroHealth Medical Center after he was struck about 1:10 a.m. in the intersection of Fulton Road at Storer Avenue.

A Toyota Camry northbound on Fulton Road and failed to yield to an oncoming Harley-Davidson. The driver of the Camry fled the scene. Officers found the driver hiding in a nearby alley and took him into custody, police said.

Police are investigating the accident as an aggravated vehicular homicide.

Charges against the driver of the Camry are pending.

Procession for Angel Cuevas Jr. - laid to rest - rumble of hundreds of motorcycles - an image emblazoned on my mind

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Angel Cuevas GoFundMe Memorial account link

My heart goes out to my long time friend , Angel, Sr., and his family.

HERE is a link to a GoFundMe Accounty already created for the family.

If Councilman Cimperman is working on a separate fund, it may be best to use this fund to avoid the GoFundMe fees.


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