Ubuntu Linux, to be king for a day!

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Mon, 12/11/2006 - 11:37.

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Google trends

For the many people who read RealNEO you are, I am sure, aware that we use Linux not only on the servers, but also on the desktop.  In the past there have been a couple distributions used, however in the second quarter of 2006 the Ubuntu distribution was loaded and we have not looked back.

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While it is not really that big of deal which distribution, or distro, you use it is interesting to see what the trends are.  The all and wonderful google has made checking out trends easy and informative.  The image above comes from google. If you are intested in seeing more trends, take it for a spin.  It really is an amazing data tool that is free to use.

I will be the first to admit that Linux is not perfect on the desktop. There are sitll issues that make somethings difficult, however the pros far out wieght the cons (at least in my case).

If you have never tried Linux, or it's been a while, I highly suggest you give it a try.  The nice thing for the casual user about the latest couple versions of Ubuntu is that when you boot from the CD it goes into a Live mode.  These means you do not have to install or change anything on your computer.

Check out this video posted on YouTube for a 21 minute video on getting and working with Ubuntu.

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Fantastic update on progress and scope of Ubuntu

Wow, Phillip, what an interesting chart and posting about proliferation of Ubuntu, and connection to our community. Time to move the trend lines up, around here - 1,000s of Ubuntu users in East Cleveland will be a great next step. More to come on that soon...

Disrupt IT

KDE on Ubuntu = kubuntu

I love Ubuntu because it's very smooth.  I could install xubuntu, apt-get KDE and Gnome and it works great.  I could install Ubuntu and apt-get KDE and XFCE, same thing.  it floats, even on older hardware.  I am running it on a P3 - 1GHz lappy with 640 MB of RAM.  It hardly even touches swap...(this is with Firefox, Thunderbird, GAIM and a couple of other things running).

Derek Arnold

Ubuntu is my favorite distro

Ubuntu is my favorite distro by far.  Though, like most Linux distros, it can be more friendly to laptops but I am happy with it.  On my home box, it runs along side M*******t W*****s X* (no, I won't downgrade to Vista). 

Ubuntu has supplanted Debian (upon which it was based) as my favorite.

Great chart, Phillip!