Testimony to the EPA about MCCO from Sharon Dowhaniuk Roulet, of Tremont and Old Brooklyn

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 08/10/2010 - 01:28.

My daughter Kylie says SHE shall be the first woman President, and I certainly believe that is possible, if she lives long enough to run.... and her older sister Grace doesn't beat her to the job. You win either way - they are socially conscious!

Those reading realNEO who are real old-time Tremonters will know or remember Kylie's mother, Sharon Dowhaniuk Roulet - Roman's little girl - real Ukranian family... Baba still lives overlooking Mittal... barely. Guido is dead.

Sharon asked me to submit her testimony to the EPA about MCCO, in case she can't get a sitter for the hearing, and I'm sure the realNEO community will be moved by her words as well. I certainly appreciate her words of support for me, as they come so rare here. Thanks Cheri.

Good afternoon:

My name is Sharon Roulet and I was born on September 10th, 1977 at Metro health medical center. I was raised in a home approximately 1 mile away at 2531 Scranton Rd. I was born the middle child with 2 brothers. In the early 80's Tremont was not one of the safest areas to have a family. My father worked at LTV steel and for the city of Cleveland. We were of the lower class. Even though my father worked hard we did not have the money to move elsewhere.

As a child, my brothers and I spent our days playing in our yard. We would swim, ride our bikes and make mud pies like most children do. Some days I remember waking up and asking my Mom, “what smells”. She would reply “well honey that is the steel mill.” My nose will never forget the awful smell. The stench of burning, rotten eggs.

As an adult I now have 2 children of my own and live on the other side of the steel mill in the Old Brooklyn area. I still wake up some mornings, when the wind is right, and smell that horrible stench. I have now had to be the Mom that answered the question of “What's that smell”

For decades these plants including MCCO have been allowed to fill our “clean air” and soil with enough pollution to cause great harm. The lead levels that are in my soil and my father's soil in his yard in Tremont are outrageous.

Back before my time Lead levels in paint were found to be hazardous to humans. Since then the paint process has changed. The government forced Sherwin Williams and other companies to comply with what they call “safe levels.” If the government could step in then and prove that it is harmful and need not be used, then why can't they step in now.

We Clevelanders have allowed these multi-billion-dollar companies to poison us and our children. Why, I ask you? Would you use lead paint in your infant nursery now. No! Then why are these companies allowed to pollute our air, our soil, our children.

There is a coal burning plant operating within arms reach of were you stand. Is this safe for us. Take a deep breath and wonder.

I wonder why the government hasn't stepped in sooner. I wonder what is a “safe level.” I wonder if the extensive health issues my children and myself have faced were caused by these corporations.

Do you not wonder the same?

My ex-husband Norm Roulet is trying to find out this answer for me, our child, and you. He is collecting all the data, proving the unsafe levels of poisons. Taking the information to our local government, to try to make a change. For this he is being called a Villain.

The villains are the people elected to protect us, to stand up for us, who sit and do nothing. Turn a blind eye... maybe even profit from the whole process. They are the evil ones.

Meanwhile I have had 2 major surgeries this year. My oldest child suffer from asthma, my baby suffers from multiple ear infections and pneumonia. I have laid awake next to my child some nights just to make sure she is breathing. The medical bills, the fear of illness or even worse, death. While we all just sit here and watch this go on in our own yards.

So I say take a deep breath, Think of what just entered your body, wonder if it's safe. If you think the answer is no, then stand up and do something about. Help us help our communities. Make them a safe place to live and breath. Help us put blame where blame is due.

Cc: norm [at] realneo [dot] us


it seems you are not alone (and a question about Ronayne)

from the peedee comments:

"In response to an article in today's Plain Dealer detailing the continued use of coal for heating area institutions, cleveland.com user audiodude13 comments:
CWRU seems to have enough money to constantly be tearing down older neighborhoods and putting up more and more parking garages.

They're making a big deal about building a wind turbine as an on-campus research project.

Perhaps they should spend some money on their outdated infrastructure instead. A coal burning central plant makes absolutely NO sense in this day and age. It should have been replaced decades ago.
(hope that's enough attribution)
QUESTION - Ronayne is running for county commission (and states he is not a "career politician"). He has been President of University Circle Inc (UCI) for the past 5 years. What is the UCI position on MCCO?
Those who live in Third District might want to know.....

Terri Hampiton Brown is the queen bee

All the candidates should complete an environmental survey - Terri Hamiton Brown is the queen bee of all things Greater UCI, most recently being in charge of bulldozing citizens into adding mucho pollution with her Opportunist Freeway...


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Great testimony ...

Sharon's testimony was very moving. There was some great testimony at the hearing last night and I was told there have been about 100 written statements submitted too.  But as far as I know there were none from the institutions that use  MCCO power. I think the community deserves an official statement as to their position on using coal.

thank you

I would like to thank you for the comment. I would like to help in anyway I can. My kids and I are a big part of this. As i stated in my testimony I will never forget polluting my lungs with this shit they are allowed to put in our air. I sat there and cried as I think of my kids having all the health issue they do. Listening to The Dr. talk about all the babies hospitalized daily. I couldn't hold back my emotions. I cry! lets stop these bastards.

This all ends by DESTROYING CORRUPT LEADERS HERE, via freedom

This all ends by DESTROYING CORRUPT LEADERS HERE, via freedom of press

I've contacted the White House, Federal EPA, FBI, Sierra Club, National Democratic Party - anyone with brains outside this corrupt state.

Why don't you work on the international media - add a brief introduction to your statement and every day email as many journalists around the world as you may find emails for and tell them about the genocide happening here in Cleveland, through the hands and evil acts of a few White and Indian industrialists, assisted by foolish and corrupt leaders here. Most journalists ARE COMPLETE SELL-OUTS but you may find a young mother or father who hasn't sold their soul for pennies and will write about the crimes here.

Get 10 journalists outside Cleveland to care about the genocide here and it will make a difference.

Pick your favorite first - Oprah or whoever - I'm going to LA to hunt down Drew... look how he has thrived after escaping Cleveland... wonder if he cares about genocide?!?

While a precise definition varies among genocide scholars, a legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group." Because of the insistence of Joseph Stalin, this definition of genocide under international law does not include political groups.

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