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Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 01/14/2007 - 20:33.

Three articles in the Sunday, January 14, 2007, Cleveland Plain Dealer really caught my attention. 1. "Power shifts, and a fast-track bill is derailed"; 2. "Gloomy forecast" and 3. "Lost confidence in Bush? So has he"  - especially the last one, where Elizabeth Auster writes, about President Bush, that "he now seems shaken by the prospect that his vision of a free and stable Iraq may be fading along with his power to achieve much else." Because of this, despite "Gloomy forecast", I expect most important aspects of the Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, Ohio, US and global economy to improve dramatically over the next 2, 4 and 10 years. In fact, I can't think of an area where there won't be significant improvements. Think of the growth I expect like when an economy is freed from a dictatorship and people are allowed to be free and thrive - markets open up - that is America, now that Bush has been replaced by democracy.

We will see global transformation enabled by improvement in overall global relations, improvement in US relations with other nations, better allocation and distribution of global talent and strategic corporate relations, and rapid expansion of technological innovation world-wide, all suddenly released from the strangle-holds George Bush's international and economic policy have had on US economic growth, and global progress, for the past six years.

All the people of America live in a free and Democratic nation once more, and can get back to inventing, and creating, and innovating science and the economy. Where I see the biggest gap to be filled is encouraging talented people and companies in other parts of the world to move to America once again - a rapid reversal of immigration policy since 09/11. We need to attract and retain a growing proportion of outside talent and wealth in a growing and evolving global economy.

At the national level, we will see Democratic leadership shifting funding away from war and a few terror-related industries and toward education, technology, health-care and science. I would expect this to happen in ways respectful of global needs, open standards and best practices - more of an open source approach to solving such problems as AIDS, malaria, contaminated water, poverty and starvation.

I expect real globalization to allow society to address the high cost and inefficiency of healthcare through innovation, providing universal coverage worldwide. It is also only through such global, open standards that the world will address global warming and other environmental issues and long term energy, resource and water crises ahead. And, of course, root causes of acts of war and terror.

In the process, we will heal the wounds caused worldwide by American global policy over the past six years, and we can begin the dialog on how the world will behave in the future. The next US President will be expected to cooperate with the rest of the world leaders in dealing with the threat of nuclear war.

At the state level, the new Governor, Ted Strickland, is proving to be outspoken and showing wisdom, so far. That Strickland is pro-city and pro-technology is to the benefit of Northeast Ohio. It should also be to our benefit that Lee Fisher has connections with this area, as he is Lieutenant Governor and Ohio Development Director.

As our economy grows, in openness and scale, there is an especially compelling potential for Cleveland to surface as one of the world's great cities. The fact is Cleveland is designed to be twice its current population - it is more than half-empty. And the cost of real estate is low as a result of Cleveland being a "shrinking" industrial city. But the new economy for Northeast Ohio and leading centers of America and the world is not industrial but rather knowledge, so as we look to redevelop our economy we need to take an abundance approach. Out greatest assets are our 1,000,000 person-scale assets and infrastructure and now acres of cheap inner city land and 1,000,000s of square feet of underdeveloped and abandoned storefronts and offices and our 100,000 undervalued inner city homes and apartments - this entire city can be bought cheap. And we are on a Great Lake, so we always have fresh water, so are always lush. That may also prove a major source of wind power. We are a great 1,000,000 person city looking for 500,000 more great people!

If we recognize the global economy is growing and people will increasingly need new, better places to live, Cleveland can rebuild itself as a model city. It will happen - Cleveland will have 700,000+ people again, within 10 years, and thrive. Over the next 2 years, we really need to work through a master plan for how this transformation will occur. This should include a global planning competition, exploring what Cleveland would look like if it was a major global city again, with $ billions from around the world being spent here to build that visionary city, and then make that happen over the next 10 years.

I love this quote of President Bush...

From a President Bush interview on CBS "60 Minutes", Sunday, January 14, 2007, quoted here in the Cleveland Plain Dealer article "Bush: "I've made my decision", regarding Bush's decision to send to Iraq 21,000 additional troops, despite opposition from both parties in congress and most American people: "I began to think, well, if failure is not an option and we've got to succeed, how best do we do so? And that's how I came up with the plan I did". I feel confident. The big battles ahead will be fought in Washington, D.C.

Imagine the boost to the US economy when we finally end this war - we'll stop spending a fortune fueling conflict. Time to let Iraq invest in rebuilding their country. The government in Iraq will need to fund that from oil revenue because America isn't gong to fund or do much more good over there.

It'sw time to let all the reservists can get back to their jobs and families and let troops come home. The biggest long term cost will be helping these people rebuild their lives, and the government should make that a highest priority.

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A little Diversion - Discussion related to the Iraq war

Often times the best indicator of a successful strategy lies with the specific outcomes involved. In the case of the Iraq War, the strategies employed were to:

1. Create the illusion of Iraq as a truly terrorist state
and the nation which was responsible for the 9/11 Terror
attacks on the Twin Towers.

and create the illusion of a horrific local threat,
residing within our borders. This cultivated a fear
based culture which has each and every one of us
wonder, who is a terrorist? Who is not? Who should be
profiled, for closer examination - as a potential terror
threat? This further justified the need to act, to
direct the pain and anger generated after 9/11 toward
some specific target. From the most accepted theorists,
Al Qaida was the true enemy - and Afghanistan and now
Pakistan is where intervention may have been more
justified - to specifically target Bin Laden.

2. Cheney was empowered and enabled beyond the role the VP
of the United States should ever have been - granting
executive powers well beyond the level this office has
ever seen. These will be detailed at a later time, but
ultimate result is a disproportionate level of power in
the executive branch of government, when condidering the
Founding Fathers' intent to create a basic system of
checks and balances between Judicial, Legislative, and
Executive Branches. Keep in mind, as well, that Supreme
Court judges are given lifetime terms and are appointed
by, of course, the President (Executive Branch).

3. Given the opportunity to profiteer from War - the
Bush/Cheney Administration proceeded to embark and
perpetuate a war in Iraq which never needed to take
place. The claim was that Saddam Hussein was harboring
'Weapons of Mass Destruction' - (Though in a global
justice sense, karmic retribution might well have been
delivered to the man who gassed his own people (the
Kurds). Halliburton, Blackwater, and other defense-
related companies and industries flourished during
this time and it is difficult to say how many moral
and ethical lines were crossed during the chaos which
ensued. Cheney of course - heavily vested in these

4. The Bush Family ties with the Bin Laden Family lead
us to consider the remote possibility, via Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11, that the Twin Towers situation
was potentially planned and fabricated by other powers that be - to create the impetus and need to invade Iraq. Opportunities here were created to establish a military presence in Iraq and secure a new source of foreign oil, via the newly created 'democratic state' in Iraq, post-war.

Okay, so how effective was the strategy in achieving its aims? For those for whom profiteering was the major intent, quite successful, indeed. But the reason Dennis Kucinich - defacto Ambassador for Peace - a call for Cheney's impeachment was made and read, for hours, in session. Human and civil rights abuses were rampant in both Iraq and Guantanamo, according to many varied sources. Yet recent news seems to claim Gitmo wasn't as bad as we thought - interesting. Waterboarding, torture, etc not bad? Hmmm.

So now, on to the global matter of 'What to do now?'

Today, with a Democrat as president, and a Democrat-laden House and Senate - there is unprecedented opportunity to enable change.

Few realize, however, this war could perpetuate into infinity if American occcupation of the country continues indefinitely. The goal and strategy transparently laid out by the Democrats has been modified somewhat since platform speeches were delivered - but on advice from Gates - two years or more could pass before we leave that country - with no assurance of security and continuity of the Democratic state left behind. But this will likely be the plan and exit strategy subsequently followed.

The negative impacts from the Iraq intervention have manifested in other very, very important ways. Ways that have, perhaps sent a greater message on whether we should still be there. The inner conflict created in many soldiers during their time serving their country with honor, yet witnessing atrocioius acts and being asked to commit them as well. Perhaps the 'inner knowing' of being misplaced to begin with has done it but facts are facts:

an alarming number of troops returning from the War are now suffering from mental illness. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and worse. This is a fact. and it actually rasies a key opportunity and strategy moving forward - this opportunity is that to employ Therapeutic Garden Designs at VA Hospitals. Its already being done by innovative first movers elsehwhere, and it should be done here. This is one of the key venture concepts to be explored by my own enterprise - and that is:
Kade Social Ventures. The intersection or nexus of Environmental, Social, and Health Justice is a very powerful one and it is here I tend to operate, to serve those suffering most in the world whilst creating workforce development and economic development outcomes.

Bring our Troops home soon, Mr. Obama. For the love of the World. Families and so many others have suffered long enough, to perpetuate a misplaced conflict.

Personal impact - prejudicial punishment

The Conflicts overseas have shown their impact on me personally as well. Many times, in either joking or seriously malicious fashion, I've been called or told I look like a terrorist. Clearly we need to have a tough skin on issues like this but do you know how that feels?

'Paki, Curryguy, Dothead, Raghead, Terrorist, Darkie, etc'
I've been called all of these, on occasions that I've heard the words spoken directly to me, or been informed by others of such insult. Its a reality of life, I know. But again,
it speaks to how things are now, not how they should be and need to be. I just have a right to vent, no? We all do, and shouldn't be admonished for doing so, with honor, respect of others, and dignity.

Forgive me for playing the 'race, religon and rights' card. But to be called the N-word, the Sand-N word, the terms above, and more during your life can be powerful. If you take the right approach you learn to cultivate a real understanding of bias - only when you've experienced it firsthand. So I have a right to share the absolute truth, openly.

I've suffered insult from members of my own team even, in isolated cases of backbiting and rumor-spreading. But these are the realities of life as well. You have to look at the individual's truest intent. You have to see the real deal. And you continue to work as a change agent in the networks available to you to help effect positive change, regardless. Regardless of betrayal, or gossip. or rumor, or whatever.

Anyway, here's one fact : I have never willfully hurt another person in recent memory. And my capacity of love? You won't know it til you experience it. The truth is out there, and I intend it to Illuminate the world, over time.

My ultimate goal - one world, one love - may never happen. So many have implored and implored to have this goal manifest. Enough of us are out there to get rolling on board, and really demonstrate ego-transcendence. Careful, now. - it isn't easy. But it can be done - and yes, we'll all do it together, as a team. And I am of completely sound nature on this one.



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  Came up at the Freedom Rider presentation at Cleveland Public Library.  Englewood neighborhood of Chicago is Cleveland's Tremont.  Let's use "blight" to seize land for the "right development."

Unless you reorganize - REINVENT - your Democratic party

I wrote this realNEO posting  in the beginning of 2007 to offer an effective blueprint for future leaders of Northeast Ohio, the democratic republic of America and the world to follow toward a recovery and expansion after the disasterous Bush years, expecting we would become a more open, democratic world in the future.

While Americans have voted for change on the regional and national level, across the nation, we have not received good results from our elected leaders - they are still acting as polticians for politicial parties that are no longer wanted or trusted by Americans - the democratic and republican parties are legacy cults of ignorant times.

That the global economy has not performed better - that America is bogged down in corruption and evil - is the fault of the two party political system and the current Democratic and Repoublican political party REALITIES - the leadership of those parties, and the systems they have set in place to control the world.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, is in the middle of an historic dismantling of their corrupt political system, and 85% of the registered voters here just non-voted against both the democratic and republican parties, in a primary election to decide leadership of a new form of government here, and all eyes are turned to a November election where a Green candidate and several independent candidates are far supperior to the political party candidates, and an independent or green leader should take charge of the county.

I will take this as a good first step toward Ohio leading the nation away from the political corruption ruining the nation and world, that has kept us from fulfilling the potential introduced in this forecast, if our nation was a true democracy of the people, for the people.

Think about this, President Obama, as this was your destiny, if you were leading a true democratic party and nation.

Unless you reorganize - REINVENT - your Democratic party, from Cuyahoga County out, I do not expect you shall not be relected in 2012.

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