Poet of the Day: Michael DeAloia

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 09/01/2006 - 15:38.

I'm pleased to promote a friend and great Cleveland community leader Michael DeAloia as poet of the day. From the website where his work of poetry may be purchased is a description of his work... below that is an invitation to a fundraiser featuring Michael reading some of his work...


Michael DeAloia

"Roses on the Gates of Hell" is author Michael DeAloia’s first published book of poetry. His collection forms an imagistic journey through the intensely personal and transforms a decade of personal experiences and textured observations into feats of creative imagination with clarity, precision and acuity. Crafted with a thoughtful and cadenced approach, the poems in this collection reach lofty heights while being grounded in the everyday. DeAloia’s meditative, and at times confessional, poems explore the wonder and torment of life, the impropriety of men and the inconstancy of women. DeAloia explores a range of topics: his subject matter varies from spirituality to social commentary to brooding introspection. The results are accessible but not trite, insightful but not pretentious, and well crafted but not overly flamboyant. DeAloia relies heavily on imagery, which becomes the cornerstone of the entire volume, and his verbal facility brings such a polish to these poems that the reader is left feeling that this book once opened must be finished. Michael DeAloia is a poet and essayist originally born in Dayton, Ohio but resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He holds a graduate degree from Case Western Reserve University and an undergraduate degree from Xavier University.



Fundraiser for "Meet the Bloggers" features local poets

Start: 2006/09/07 - 5:30pm
End: 2006/09/07 - 8:30pm

I just got the following invitation from my favorite economic development leader in NEO, Cleveland Tech Czar Michael DeAloia, and I am intrigued he is not only a technology visionary but a poet. It will certainly be worth checking out the next event where he is reciting his poetry, as this is also a good cause of a group of other great NEO community leaders who operate "Meet the Bloggers". See more about the event below, and more about the poet Michael DeAloia in our feature of him as poet of the day. From poet Michael DeAloia, you are invited...

Good-Afternoon Everyone:

I would like to invite you to join me at the Meet The Bloggers Silent Auction on September 7, 2006 from 5:30pm - 8:30pm. The event will be held at the Tower Press Building (1900 E. Superior Avenue). I will be reading some poems from my up-coming book of poetry (www.lulu.com/mdealoia). This will be a great event to hear poetry from me and others as we raise a little do-re-mi for Meet the Bloggers.

I really hope you can join. I would really appreciate your attendance and participation at this great event.

For more information go to:


Michael C. DeAloia
"Tech Czar"
Senior Executive for Technology Development
City of Cleveland