Urban dining with kids at best @ Bar Cento, Tuesdays

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Claes at Bar Centro

Chef Jonathon Sawyer's blog says "!!!Due to the Overwhelming Response!!!"... and I saw that first hand, last week...  COOK CHEFIN' w/ Kids @ Bar Cento is now a weekly occassion for families to get together at the very cool Bar Centro, being the left side of the Bier Market, 1948 W. 25th Street, from 4.30pm-8.pm, for the kids (and adults) to make their own gourmet pizzas... Bar Cento provides a great spread of organic, fresh toppings and has fresh dough spread out to go. We took our son Claes last week and we all had such fun, and made the best pizza in town, so we're going back tonight and will be regulars... scene is today's header of the day, full size here).

Bar Centro Kids Pizza Night

Last week's chefin' w/kids drew a good house and the staff at Bar Cento said that was quite a change from the usual Tuesday night. Nice to see proof of the value of families in the urban experience... also shared here on Northcoast Lifestyle.

Bar Centro kids pizza night

With very few fine restaurants making kids feel welcome (understandably), I appreciate Chef Sawyer, a father, is thinking about how to make the urban experience in Cleveland better for kids. Grab your tots and join us there.

$10 per kid's experience includes: PIZZA, CHEF HAT, BEVERAGE, PEANUT BUTTER & CONCORD GRAPE JELLY COOKIE... Kids under 3 FREE... adults simply order what we like from the menu (and bars). They suggest calling Bar Cento to reserve your kiddie's spot - 216-274-1010



Bar Centro
1948 W. 25th Street Bier Market
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Paper hats

  How old do you have to be to get one of those paper hats?

Old enough to step up to the bar

The hat was way to big for Claes - a real pro chef's hat - I think if you went there for a beer or diner and asked really nicely they'd give you one... they are nice.

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Cook Chefin Tuesdays will not be held December 11

Cook Chefin Tuesdays will not be held this coming Tuesday, December 11th, as Bar Cento is holding a fundraiser for the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Free Care Fund.  The Benefit Party is open to the public from 6-9pm.  For your generous donation of $25 youu can enjoy heavy appetizers and wine specials.�

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