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The Zenn Car


As a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles, we thrive on providing drivers with choices they can feel good about. Working with our internationally respected partners, we’re bringing the world’s finest zero-emission vehicles to you—setting a new standard for what electric vehicles can be. The culmination of this passion for quality, the ZENN™, the only luxury NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) on the market.

We continually explore new avenues of technology to outfit our vehicles with outstanding features that drivers will love.
Drawing on our real-world experience in EV technology, electric vehicle manufacturing, finance and marketing, we’re here for our dealers and drivers today—and we’ll be here tomorrow.

ZENN™ Specifications :

Maximum speed :
25 mph (40 km/h), limited according to
FMVSS 500/CMVSS 500 (United States/Canada).
Range :
Approximately 35 miles (approximately 56 km)
Gradability :
30% GVWR
Charging :
8-9 hours (120 VAC), 80% rechargeable in 4 hours
Batteries :
6 x 12V Deka maintenance-free, valve-regulated, sealed lead-acid gel batteries
Dimensions :
2-Seater - L - 120.8 in. (306.8 cm) W - 58.8 in. (149.4 cm) H - 55. in. 142 cm)
Propulsion :
Front wheel drive, 100% electrically driven, 72 VDC
Body type :
3-door hatchback, fully enclosed, automotive aluminum alloy Space Frame, ABS body panels, aluminum alloy front-end frame
Curb weight :
Approximately 1,200 lb (544 kg) depending on model
1,705 lb (773.4 kg)
Brakes :
Dual hydraulic system, 4 wheel disc , 6.7 in. (172 mm) with electromagnetic regeneration
Wheel base :
2-Seater - 81.8 in. (207.8 mm)
Track :
Front and rear - 49.8 in. (126.5 mm)
Suspension :
Front : independent front wheel suspension with two coil spring/shock units
Rear : trailing arm with two coil spring/shock units
Steering :
Automotive rack and pinion with permanently sealed tie-rod ends
Safety ;
Meets or exceeds FMVSS500/CMVSS 500 (United States/Canada)
Price :
MSRP between $12,500 and $14,995
Feel Good Cars Inc reserves the right at any time to change specifications, components and suppliers without giving notice.

The Zenn Car On A Surburban Street

...and it appears that we have a dealer here in Ohio....

North Central Zenn

308 Union Street

Ashland, Ohio 44805


(I wonder how many solar panels I can fit on it to extend the driving range....)

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