Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts Candidate Phil Pavarini Hosts Fundraiser at Grumpy’s Café in Tremont, Wednesday, Sept. 21

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CLEVELAND, OH— Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts Candidate Phil Pavarini invites concerned citizens, clerk of court constituents and friends of his campaign to offer their support at a campaign fundraiser at Grumpy’s Cafe on Wednesday Sept. 21, from 5-7 p.m. Fundraiser guests will have an opportunity to “Meet The Candidate,” chat with Pavarini and learn more about his model for making Cleveland a safer place to live. Guests will also be treated to dessert and coffee.

“Of course I am hoping that this event will garner financial support for my campaign, but more importantly, I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet concerned constituents, supporters and friends, share my platform and answer any questions,” says Pavarini. “Access to our public officials is important, and I hope that in addition to raising funds, this event will demonstrate my commitment to being accessible and available to my constituents if I am elected,” he says. While a $50 donation is recommended, Pavarini has stressed that the event is open to anyone who is passionate about city government and who would like to offer any form of support. “This event isn’t just about fund raising, it’s also about friend raising,” says Pavarini. Anyone who is willing to support my quest for a safer Cleveland whether through time, talent or treasure is welcome to RSVP and attend.”

Pavarini is also an advocate of fair play. He has extended an open invite to the other candidates running for Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts so they may attend his event and express their opinions, and strategies for the city.

If you would like to attend Phil Pavarini’s Campaign Fundraiser at Grumpy’s Café, call (216) 255-5225 or Email electphil [at] clevelandmuniclerk [dot] org to RSVP. Donations can be made at the door, or via the campaign website at Grumpy’s is located at 2621 W. 14th St. Cleveland, OH 44113. The event will start at 5p.m. and conclude at 7p.m. on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.


Pavarini has over 10 years of experience working with the court system and the current Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts. Pavarini is a business owner, Private Investigator, licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and a Surety Bail Bond Agent. A graduate of the United States Army Military Police Academy, Pavarini has also been active in the community as a previous member of the Tremont West Development Corporation Board of Directors and responsible for the re-initiation of neighborhoods safety committee., ###

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Any candidate againt

Any candidate againt Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Court Earle B. Turner would be a relief. Turner falsifies court records for corrupt purposes, rarely even comes to work, and is probably one of the most corrupt politicians out of Cleveland. The Imperial Women do not support Turner's candidacy. Best of luck to Mr. Pavarini Jr. 

Get the word out!

Thanks for your kind comments.  I'm not a politician, I'm a private investigator and bail bondsman.  Please consider calling all of your friends, family, and neighbors and tell them about me.  Ask them to do the same... start a phone and email tree.  We need some grass roots support.  Please LIKE our campaign facebook page, too...

PD endorsement through Tip-off Phil Pavarini

  Wow--you are a Tremont resident. You will have to weigh in here.

I like your campaign strategy. Go Phil Pavarini for Clerk of Courts :)

 Thumbs up to the PD tipoff

 Thumbs up to the PD tipoff endorsement for Mr. Pavarini. Again, we wish him the best of luck.

this is not an endorsement

just one of tip-off's amusing observations