Microsoft "Surface" - coming out in late fall 07

Submitted by Charles Frost on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 10:01.

Microsoft Surface



Just wondering about this new product, coming out late this fall/early winter.

It sure puts Wi-Fi in a different light...




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I just watched a thorough piece on this technology

Great timing Bill.. I just watched on MSNBC (go figure) a detailed review of this innovative technology - most experts currently peg this at 3-5 years for meaningful mainstream revenue generation.  An open source guy can appreciate the vision of coffee table PC action - tactile touchscreens - temperature sensitive or otherwise.   Biometrics offers interesting table talk as well.

Another amazing innovation near-ready is the 100 dollar laptop, complete with its own OS with its own cute wrinkles - a review of this Digital Divide -relevant revolutionary on 'Technology Corner' coming soon !

We've got to talk about Unisolar shingles soon - would like to incorporate thiese with other energy efficient building products under contract.

Peace !


Between these two, I would say that the 100 dollar laptop is way more crucial. I think that the surface computing machine is a little too pricey (and impractical) for mainstream adoption.  Sure, it's eye candy but it's basically a touch screen inside of a Ms. Pac Man - like casing.  That's not innovation.  Getting computers to people that don't have them that are high on imagination but low on resources promises to foster more innovation.