Karmic Hockey in a Santa Suit

Submitted by danielray Pickrel on Sat, 12/15/2007 - 22:56.

I've wanted to be a professional skater for the longest time.

Too much violence in the standard hockey and too many jumps in figure skating.

So my consulation has been to clown about the city on skates. As people ask about why I busy myself with picking up trash while skating I develope new spectators for Karmic Hockey. I make it semi-professional by picking up aluminum cans. The greatest concentration of cans is a Brown's Tailgating Party. With all the snow i believe I turn in the skates for a Santa suit.

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  Let it snow, Daniel, and we are all skaters!  I love how snow equalizes us.  We slow down.  Cars magically disappear from the streets and you have to decide to love it or lock your self up in the house. 

Last night, I watched boys in the neighborhood take a cardboard box and skate and slide down the street.  Fearless fun.  The stuff of memories under the street lights in the City.

Question of the day: Smarter media?

Do we have a smarter media as John Etorre queries in 2004??

FINALLY, AND CRUCIALLY, if this more sensible, more sustainable and more democratic regional landscape has any chance at all of taking root and flourishing, we'll need a smarter, more knowing local media. A media better able to take the community's pulse because of its closer, more authentic connections to average people and to grassroots movements. A media with a better grasp of the region's history, and thus with a better sense of its future possibilities. A media that can somehow treat its audience as citizens at least as much as mere consumers. 

karmic hockey cheer

Hey Daniel - saw you zipping down Detroit Sunday a la Santa - definitely brightened the day for us. I like karmic hockey

Disrupt IT



       Moved to Decatur Il cause my folks are aging. Though, I will always be back to help out with the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I still keep my Cleveland area code phone number.

     Anyhow, after a couple years of not being visable I've concluded my spirit needs the public interaction I recieved on the streets of Cleveland. It gave me a chance to meet the curious minds. So often, would be asked to meet at the next parking lot. Total strangers to me, but to them I was this unusual guy, to do what he does why..  asked questions they might not asked with coworkers . But being safe to ask the question once might be the opening of the door to ask others closer to home.

Questions of gardens in the city, what would it take to end welfare as we know it,

why ... why.... and more whys  at times I felt wise.

Anyhow wanting to prusue the same vision but with actors, dancers, cell phone camera and a crew of techs. If you describe your experience of my skating contribution to Cleveland ,I could use the help. I have a profile at Linkedin, seeking recommendations to IMY?!. productions.




Daniel Ray Karmic Street skater image taken by Norm Roulet


Hello Mr. Ray,  

Welcome back to Realneo.  

Just in case  you haven't seen the great image Norm took of you in 2007, I have copied it above.  You can see Norm's original post on Realneo at this link.

Tell us about the differences you notice in the publics' reaction between Decatur and Cleveland to your Karmic Skating.    

Question:  What is  IMY?!

Hope your parents are doing well.  


Jeff b