Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 12/13/2007 - 15:06.

BREWED FRESH DAILY HAS A THREAD which carries  a discussion which I believe it is important for everyone in NEO to read.  The thread is especially important now that the City of Cleveland is looking desperately for immediate cash-back from the taxpayers’ UDAG loans. 

It is also enlightening to read (Comment #16 in the tread) John Ettorre’s comments and link to a 2004 Free Times article regarding the prognosis that in 2004 there was a sense of incipient “capitulation” coming in Cleveland.  Though ofF course, instead of improving since 2004, Cleveland has continued to deteriorate.

Where has Peter Lewis been since he castigated Case Western?  Has Peter written off NEO?  Is Peter smarter than the rest of us?  

Incidentally, I have watched NEO since 1966 and agree with Roldo’s observations.

From Roldo:


Gloria & John:

I’ve watched for more than 40 years now where government has become just the means of facilitating private business needs.

Yes, government should provide basic services: pick up the garbage, police the streets, keep the streets workable, provide fire protection, see that the housing is kept up to standard, educate the children. However, other priorities have been given preference by the business/foundation/non-profit interests which run the town.

What I have seen in my time in Cleveland (1965-present) has been the shifting of government duties to a means of providing for business, but not the people who live here.

From urban renewal of the late 1950-60s to UDAGs and tax abatements of the 1970-90s, to building stadiums and arenas, Rock & Roll Hall, along with public parking garages and costly urban transportation (Waterfront Line), to the present plans for the heavily subsidized Flats, E. 4th Street, and now even more for the Warehouse district (check the curbing for these downtown special streets - all costly thick, substantial stone, not poured concrete that breaks up in a year), to be followed by a convention center (ah, the money’s in the pipeline) and possibly a medical mart, to say nothing of the Euclid Corridor which does nothing to improve transit for the transit dependent but beautifies what is expected to be office & housing development along and adjacent to Euclid and already in line for millions of dollars in subsidies. Cost another $200 plus while RTA cuts back service to those who really use and NEED public transportation.

The priorities of the city will never change until there is a from the bottom revolt. I don’t see any in sight.

We may have the Indians, the Browns, the Cavs, some nightlife, fine major cultural institutions, but we have a DEAD city as far as liveabilty for ordinary people.