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We all know that North East Ohio and Cleveland have to shrink, to get smaller, to dissassemble what we've built.   We have been disassembling for about 50 years now  but we don't want to acknowledge the difficult task we have to do.  

No, we don't quite need to close Cleveland, but we have to become professional shrinkers. 

Get those extra houses out of sight, get those extra blocks where houses used to stand put into forest, tear down those vacant factories,  get rid of those extra cops, extra firemen, extra councilors - and on and on...and the extra banks…

So it is encouraging to see that one of our oldest and wisest corporate neighbors has chosen to really commit to the cause:   SHRINK NEO!

National City has nothing against sub-prime loans.   They brokered them, they sold them, they own them, they hold them,

Showing true grit National City held on to about 25 billion dollars of sub-prime paper.   That's the type of sincerity that I appreciate.   Putting your money where your mouth is.

And now, its time for National City Bank to turn out the lights.  What goes around in the sub-prime world has come around - and has knocked on National City's door.


Actually, the hundreds of dollars a day that National City spends illuminating the outside of their white building with dark black windows is an environmental crime,  as well as a waste of stockholder's money.   

Really, Neo, we all need to shrink - and remember - turn out the lights!

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Turn out the lights

Great idea!  Especially, as bird migration moves into high gear.  In terms of safety, simple ground level lighting works better to encourage watchful behavior.  Something, the big box stores already know-- that pools of harsh light creates those dark pockets perfect for those lingering weirdos.  So, not to rain on a bright (?) idea, but 10,000 micro ideas, it's time to go back to the drawing board.   (And, god save us, do we really need, yet another non-profit in this city...)