Innovations in workforce thinking

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Sat, 11/20/2004 - 10:29.

Last month, Missouri held a workforce summit, and they have posted some interesting presentations on the web. See the list.

You can download the more valuable presentations here.

Strategic Workforce Development Planning: The St. Louis Workforce Information System provides a model for a regional workforce information system. Getting good information is a major challenge for workforce development. Looks like St. Louis has some interesting insights we can use.

A Panel Discussion: Ex-Offender. Re-integrating ex-offenders is a major challenge facing our region. Here is an interesting presentation from a representative of the Missouri Department of Corrections. She provides some helpful frameworks we might be able to use.

Workplace Readiness Credential: Cape Girardeau. Kentucky is another state that is moving forward with workforce readiness credentials. This strategy is attractive to employers, because a high school diploma no longer conveys what skills young people actually have.

Career Paths and Career Clusters. This presentation does a good job in demonstrating how to build an integrated creer pathway from elementary school.

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