Syria's So Uncivilized -

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The image on the right is a wider-less cropped view - more US soldiers are in view - kids escaped the napalm - but the adults - no exit.   Hey, maybe our empathy isn't zero - our American troops let the kids out of Hell.

Nick Ut -  Huỳnh Công Út  -  took this image 40 years ago in Viet Nam.    

We were burning the gooks out of their stupid little palm frawn shacks.   

Burnin' out thier kids too.   


(the only difference today betweeen the inhumanity in Syria and the inhumanity we advanced in Viet Nam is that in 1972 the USA press published Mr. Ut's photo - front page across the US and the World - I remember)

But we go back over and over, generation upon generation, in every continent, and do it over and over. 

Pretty sick.

Really sick. 



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