Remind me again - why was Joe Cimperman indicted and Brancatelli is not?

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Remind me again - why was Joe Cimperman indicted and Brancatelli is not?


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Hi Cory,
Would be interested in your dissection of current Ken Johnson investigation.  
Eric contends that no laws have been broken:

Johnson calls Naymik’s stories “fake news” and ain’t resigning

AdvanceOhio political consultant and blogger Mark Naymik is being ripped by Ward 4 Councilman Kenn...

however, I believe that another councilperson - Tony Brancatelli does warrant an investigation for contracts secured by his wife's company/employer Hatha Communications.  

Can you verify whether has opened an investigation into any current Cleveland city council person?? began its investigation in the wake of accusations from Cimperman's election opponent at the time, Carrie Kurutz, who claimed the incumbent had voted numerous times to approve contracts with LAND Studio and with its predecessor, ParkWorks, despite the fact that his wife, had worked for one or the other since 1996. 
According to court documents, Cimperman penned two resolutions in 2008 and 2009 that championed ParkWorks' applications for about $2 million in grants through the Clean Ohio Fund. The company sought the grants to acquire two parcels and a portion of a former railway to build a trail and green corridor connecting the Towpath Trail to the Lake Erie shoreline at Whiskey Island.

Former downtown Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman charged in Ohio ...

Former Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman was charged Wednesday with 26 misdemeanors related to his involve...

Joe's felony convictions were reduced to misdemeanors 

State law prohibits public officials from using their authority or influence to secure public contracts in which the official, a family member or business associate has an interest. Doing so could amount to a fourth-degree felony, punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 or as many as 18 months in prison.

And to Eric Brewer's point:

Scene magazine's coverage relative to the cover story on Ken Johnson.

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Tony Brancatelli's wife works for Hatha Communications

Yost's office on Wednesday charged Cimperman with 26 counts of having an unlawful interest in a public contract, with offenses dating back to 2002. 

The investigation focused on public contracts and grants that Cimperman voted to approve during his tenure on council that benefited ParkWorks, where Cimperman once served on the board of trustees and where his wife, Nora Romanoff, worked as a senior project manager. ParkWorks later became LAND Studio.




RE: Hatha Communications - must be nice to get all of these city contracts AND


Cuyahoga County Land Bank where

Tony Brancatelli CHAIRS the quasi-governmental the Cuyahoga County Land BANK>>>


Not to mention that Tony Brancatelli directly funds Detroit Shoreway Development Corp (through

Metro West) and those HUD monies go to pay his wife's salary at Hatha... I would also guess that

Gail Glamm, not Katherine Bulava, is the real principal of this front agency for sucking up public

monies in tradition of Patti Choby and John al. ad nauseum;

 NOTE: the site is now down -archived site:


Public Records Request on Hatha

Ohio Ethics Commission requires me to prove that Tony Brancatelli's wife benefited from his council position.  Evidently, false advertising
by Hatha (claiming numerous contracts with City of Cleveland and departments) does not count.  As a council person - Tony
Brancatelli shilled for his wife's company, which should fall under the influence  violation-  I will also be requesting any individual  CDC **** contracts w/Hatha
State law prohibits public officials from using their authority or influence to secure public contracts in which the official, a family member or business associate has an interest. Doing so could amount to a fourth-degree felony, punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 or as many as 18 months in prison.

City - Public Records Request 8 days ago

Cleveland City Council paid Hatha Communications for services rendered from years 2010-2017. Please provide the total compensation received by Hatha Communications from any Cleveland City Council accounts.
On 8/27/2018 9:46:36 AM, Cleveland Public Records Center wrote:
Ms. McShane:  You have not asked for specific documents.  To see if contracts have been awarded to Hatha Communications, please go to  go to the Legislation page under the Legislation and Laws tab.  You will be able to search  by name to find authorizing legislation.  To review votes of members of Council,  please go to The City Record under the same Legislation and Laws tab on the Council website. The City Record shows the votes on specific pieces of legislation. 
Thank you for the information about legislation.  I was not able to see any votes on Hatha, but the Hatha website lists several Cleveland departments and CDCs as clients-also Cuyahoga County Land Bank and affiliated CHN.  Anthony Brancatelli chairs the board of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank - in addition to his role as Ward 12 council. 
Here are the clients that pose a possible conflict of interest.  I would like to at least review the monetary amounts of the contracts that deal specifically with Cleveland City Council and Slavic Village Development Corporation.  These contracts must be on record at Cleveland City Hall.  So,  I am amending my original request for these documents.

Video – Fundraiser promotion
Bellaire Puritas Development Corporation

Media Relations
Cleveland Housing Network’s Cleveland Energy Saver Program

Media Relations
Cleveland Action to Support Housing (CASH)

Media Relations
Court Community Service

E-newsletter creation
Video, testimonial
Cleveland Public Power

Marketing Plan Development
City of Cleveland, Department of Water Pollution Control

Media Relations, local and national
Event Publicity
Stategic Planning and Implementation for the 2010-2011 seasons
Cleveland City Council

Public Relations Consultant (public relations, media relations, public affairs, publications writing and design)
Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization  ****

Video, raw footage
Gus Frangos, Attorney-at-Law Co.

Media Relations – special feature assistance
Northeast Shores Development

Orchestrate and lead Board Retreat
Ohio CDC Association

Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation ****

Creative Positioning
External Communications Department Package
development of
Safeguard Properties

Development of
Testimonial Video development
Outreach Strategy and implementation including:
Market research Project Management
White Paper development
Core Messaging Document
Social Media and Editorial Calendar development
Pitch Packet development
Media Relations
Communications Coaching
Slavic Village Development Corporation ****

Marketing materials development
St. Clair Superior Development Corporation

Marketing Materials Design
University Settlement

Presentation Design – 3rd Annual Taste of Slavic Village/85th Anniversary
Ultimate Builders

Media Relations (Brelion)
Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Graphic Design
Westown Community Development Corporation
Why are you running propaganda on a councilman who should be exposed for his destruction of heritage in what was "Slavic Village?" His ties with demolition contactors, collusion with Cuyahoga Land bank on YMCA tax wite out of $118K in back taxes on 3881 W. 25 for CHN-Eden fraud and contract steering of huge developer fee through Detroit Shoreway CDC, and his wife's company Hatha Communications getting lucrative contracts with Cleveland Water and other city departments should prompt an investigation, not this whitewash.
AND, for the record, I am posting this information today 11/14/2018 ON MY DAY off - exercising my right to FREE SPEECH> 
 **** CDCs awarded funding through Councilman Brancatelli in form of federal CDBG and local NDA Neighborhood Development Allocations.