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During the 1950’s and 1960’s Detroit and Madison Avenue told us that the American Public wanted to buy cars that looked like rocket ships.  So we had the series of Cadillacs – and other cars - with sharper and sharper and more pronounced tail fins.  Once the US got to the moon (behind Russia)  Detroit and Madison Avenue told us that the American People didn’t need fin cars anymore, and that fashion phase fizzled out. 

Now Detroit and Madison Avenue tell us that after the judo of 911 the
American People want to buy Freedom Fries and Hummers.  Detroit and Madison Avenue are such good listeners, they hear our subtle whispers for transportation products named “Liberty” (jeep) or “Intrepid” (dodge) or “Escape” (ford).  (disclosure – I drive a pre-911 “Gladiator”)

But let’s focus on the hummer in the photo – what’s its message?  Those high narrow windows in the back. Dark glass. Exposed heavily treaded tires, Yellow Rancho breast plate. Cow guard rolled up over the hood. Cab top spot lights. Hydraulic high lift suspension. Black pipe roof racks,  Dual door stirrups.  I suggest that there are several distinct messages delivered.  The first message – delivered from the Detroit merchandisers to their purchasers - is  “Buy this unit as an expression of your sycophantic patriotism”.  The second message – delivered from the purchaser to the public – is:  I have a sociopathic personality disorder which allows me to see you as cattle and the globe as my muddy manure strewn pasture) , and the third message- delivered from the purchaser to himself – is:   my paranoia can be overcome by the metal around me, my self confidence boost is well worth the monthly payment.

First of all, the hummer is a civilian-ized version of a modern military utility vehicle – it replaces the old Jeep (which got its name from the phonetic abbreviation of General Purpose vehicle or GP or Jeep).   The Jeep was close to a goat or a donkey – it had no pretenses.   Thought intended for the same purposes as the Jeep, the hummer is diametrically different.   The hummer (both civilian and military models) are pretentious – attempting to use pretense as a FORCE.   Pretense, however, is not a FORCE.  Pretense is self deception. 

There are many analogies here between the US’s involvement in WWII and the Jeep, and the US’s involvement in Iraq and the hummer.  

Detroit will tell you that the reason they build hummers is because that is what their customers want.  This is the big lie.  Madison Avenue makes the market – to a very great extent. Madison Avenue plays with your head in every TV and Print Ad.  Madison Avenue wears you down.  You end up wanting Fabreeze drier tissues and Scott’s Miracle Grow. You end up smoking Marlboros.  You end up anorexic.

You end up mercantile fodder for your lack of cynicism.

Tell me what is the message delivered by the yellow breast plate?

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Not my adult fantassy!

I love driving huge trucks - something about big iron. I once drove an old WWII ambulance, and that was a trip. Not luxury at all - very tricky clutch - but a power trip. So I can see the attraction of driving a Hummer, if you want to be on a trip. Living or tripping?

Great plate!

Disrupt IT

complete with stinger?

I love Jeff's analysis of this Hummer. The owner is certainly making an effort to send a message, but the message is one I find totally repulsive. I would expect the driver to be a very sick person -- ego maniacal, overly aggressive, selfish, rude. The color combination, black and yellow, are considered to be particularly psychologically disturbing.  A book I read a few years ago warned against wearing that color combination in situatations where you want to gain somone's trust and be percieved as kind, trust worthy, friendly etc. Interestingly this is the color combination nature gave to bees -- which nearly every animal knows to stay clear of.

Hummer drivers crack me up

I was driving past Central Hummer the other day and saw a new Hummer driver pulling off the lot - a big white Hummer at the control (perhaps) of a little pin-head (all you can see, in those little windows) - I had to laugh... literally laugh. I picture his grandchildren looking at the photo album of the grandfather who destroyed their planet, and they don't laugh, and do curse their grandfather in his pinhead face. Ha ha. Everyone loses.

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What's Wrong With This Picture?

What's Wrong With This Picture?
I think we just found someone who outdid the 2REEHGR Hummer from last year. We couldn't be sure if that license plate was ironic or not (probably, but you never know...), but we're pretty sure that this one is played straight. Now, I'm sure we could find reasons why this makes sense, but still, you have to admit that your "Eco-Smart GoGreen" business has an image problem if that's your company car... Via Failblog



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