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Ann Arbor, Michigan has instituted a smart tiered method of taxing residential and commercial properties for storm water costs – the more impervious surface you have on your property, the more storm water abatement tax you pay. Check it out Here


We need to do the same in every town in  the North East Ohio Sewer District.  Why are we waiting?

Northeast Ohio Stormwater Conference

You should make plans for the Northeast Ohio Stormwater Conference
May 21-22, 2008

Because NEO leadership is incompetent

Gee, why does NEO send millions of gallons of polluted storm water and raw sewage into Lake Erie each time it really rains... perhaps a result of decades of really stupid leadership here, at all levels, still running all shows today. Stupid leaders include all the real estate developers around here, and folks who sprawl and build without cnsideration for the rest of the region and our at least 7gen ecology.

And, as those who know me know I feel, NEO is very short on true environmentalism... we as a culture don't give a fuck about the environment. Pathetic.

For our house in East Cleveland, we eliminated 1,000s of square feet of runoff by removing large concrete and asphalt drive, turnaround and walk areas and replaced that with gravel. We are building raised beds to hold rainwater, and are putting rainbarrels on downspouts. We are also putting in a greywater system that will divert into irrigation (rather than sewers) the 70% of waste water we use in the house each day for things other than flushing toilets (blackwater). All told, we are doing our part, without governemnt or foundation support or subsidy, tax credits, abatements or any other support from this community, except on REALNEO.

That the other developers in the region have not been doing such things for years is pathetic - no love to them in the future, when they catch on... all losers.

We need new leaders in NEO - all new leaders... and new developers, architects, and real estate investors... anyone reading this from far, far from NEO?

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