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Before the spring flowers come out (in fact, even in the coldest weather), the variations in the bark of trees in Ohio offer a spirited visual treat (though I grant you that you have to look a lot harder for color outdoors in the winter).  All the above trees grow in NEO – and it’s a rush observing the differentiations in their skins.   If  you were blind, could you ID these trees?  A lot easier than elevator buttons.  The interior wood of different trees has distinctly different smells – are there different smells to different trees' bark?   Clearly the imaginative wraps fashioned by those in Haut Couture have nothing on Mother Nature’s bark coats.  So go take a Hike – check out the Metroparks and feel these trees!  Their DNA is much like yours…

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Nice observations - so what are these?

I agree. can you tell us the types of trees you show in the photo?

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