No basement in a Tornado zone - Good for the subdivision developer

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 05/23/2011 - 22:06.

While we fight amoungst ourselves here on Realneo, our neighbors face a hell imposed by? Global Warming?

The trees in Joplin gave up their bark.  Very serious forces.

Check the other images here on KOMO

Image, AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

Excellent photo - balance between walking persons and fire creates dramatic tension.  Jealous of this luck. Kaisen.

Be There. 

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No spam on the home page - go to realBUSTED for Jeff B

No spam on the home page - go to realBUSTED for Jeff Buster

You have disrespected and betrayed my family and my work and you are not welcome here or near us ever again - get the realNEO and real coop paperwork you have stolen together and get it to my wife tomorrow.

Don't make me rip you to shreds up here and around the world because I don't deserve the pleasure. I have real work to do.

Response to question why Buster et al must go

Disrupt IT

I have deselected Jeff Buster, Martha Eakin and Susan Miller

Jeff S.

As you are aware I have been calling for board meetings and elections for realNEO/real coop for several years and Jeff Buster has refused. In that time his obstruction has caused my family harm, and his continued abuse of realNEO compounds the damages.

I have deselected Jeff Buster, Martha Eakin and Susan Miller from Administrators for cause - if they are administrators of our server or any other informations technologies associated with realNEO or real coop, please remove their privileges there as well.

I am going to pay to relocate the site to Dries' company Acquia and host it there - you are certainly welcome to continue your involvement with realNEO, but it is time to add other administrators and developers, advance our use of these technologies, and disassociate with all people who have caused this community and my family so much harm.

I will be in touch about making the transition to Acquia - please let me know if we are current on our account at Linode - if there is a contract and the terms - and if you are owed any money for past work, etc - I have never seen a bank statement or record from realNEO so have no idea how donations have been spent, or if there are expenses to be paid. I've instructed Jeff Buster to get all records for realNEO and real coop to my wife Evelyn, who I am sure we all agree is trustworthy.

Current administrators/developers are yourself, myself, and Evelyn Kiefer. I intend to add Lily Miller, as she is the second most invested in this community, for her fine work and content over all these years, and the betterment it has brought to Cleveland. Buster is now an untrusted user as should be.

They are all copied here.

Disrupt IT