Right Next Door - All Cleveland is a Crime Scene

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 11/16/2009 - 20:30.

Whenever you actually go to the geographic focus of an idea or discussion, your pre-conceived ideas are often made obsolete.   
As I approached the intersection of E123 and Imperial, I couldn’t help but notice that almost all the houses on E123 were dark.  It was 6:45pm.   Imperial is about 3 or 4 blocks south of Buckeye.  Empty two story buildings on the corners, and dark houses in between.
The people couldn’t be the problem here.   They couldn’t have caused this blanket effect.
The government has to be the problem. Absolutely has to be the problem.
Then I got to the vigil. (image above)
The following image is taken from the corner variety and is a fair representation of the night's activity.
imperial ave with cop cars and black on black Mccoy image jeff buster 11.16.09

 But part of my job for Realneo is to take this night vigil and image it from every angle - get the stapled posters on every telephone pole - so that when I return to the computer with a quiver of arrows I am ready to create a convincing and pursuasive report for every reader - whatever.   Story could be: coroner is good, or coroner is bad.  Black on Black is good, Black on Black is bad. Cleveland sending white cops to sit in cruisers is good, Cleveland sending white cops to talk with me is bad. Sausage next to warehoused corpses may be a blessing, sausage employees have been out of work since crime tape went up is bad.

The Realneo job is to get the images to create pursuasive support for any and all of these stories. 
Moral:  nEVER believe anything (you read) or any images you see. 
Only rely on your own head and your own sense of what is right.  Question everything.
Realneo's here to twist your conventional thoughts...twist your outlook, your head...off
My appologies to those of you who have commented on this post as I have been editing and altering it.  The more I think about all the dark, abandoned, vacant, cold houses that I saw on the way to this vigil, the more I am convinced that the Imperial crime is much larger than one house of corpses.   The City of Cleveland is warehousing thousands of dead homes. And the smell isn't just of sub-prime, but of local government complicitcy.


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Jeff Buster, This picture is

Jeff Buster, This picture is so much nicer than the ones I've seen on TV.  I didn't make it to the rally because I can't see well enough to read street signs at night.  I was hoping I could find a ride with someone but that didn't happen.  Your photo captures the stark reality of the gavity of the situation.  I hope there were a lot of people there to show there support.  Thank you for going and for taking this photo and posting it here.  It means a lot.

Ward14 posted event, I went

Hello Ward14,

I appreciate your concern and thoughtfulness in posting the event  If you hadn't, I wouldn't have gone.

Hat's off to your community empathy.

best, jeffb

This is called team work, I

This is called team work, I guess.  I felt bad that I was unable to attend because this is very important, but so happy that my post was successful in alerting you to the event.  Your photo really needs to be made public so more people can see what you have captured. 

Volunteer team work it is...

And there is nothing more powerful. 


One voice with another is a team, W14R, and look what happened. JBuster got out there & got photos that capture a piece of the reality of Imperial Ave. The next vigil needs to be for Frank as the anniversary date of the destruction of a part of our community is around the corner. 

For Frank...yes.  Where is

For Frank...yes.  Where is Frank living now?  I can only imagine how awful it would be to have my home demolished while I watched.  Why did this happen?  Who was responsible?  What happened?  With so many 'agencies' in the community was there not one that could help Frank save his home? 


Search Frank on this site and read the stories. Also the Scene did a story and had video of the inside of the house, showing water coming out of taps and toliets flushing. Sounds like any citations were addressed, so I continue to ask why. At least one inspector involved in this is in prison, part of the inspector bribe fiasco.



Frank Giglio

Google "FRank Giglio Tremont" and dozens of stories come up about Frank.  There would not be such an interest if the stories were not true.  There are several videos that show the entire interior of the home as well.  The court and prosecutor viewed one of my tapes that detailed the entire interior of the house when I helped Frank clean the inside.  The court and prosecutor were impressed with our clean up and dismissed the case.  I actually used water from the kitchen faucet to clean the floors, the same faucet that FREE TIMES/SCENE reporter Mike Gill used and wrote about in his articles.  The same water that  the city claimed he did not have. The tapes speak for themselves.  There is also a tape that shows now convicted former Inspector Huberty spraying Frank's cat in the eyes with flea spray and bullying Frank.


It is a testament to community when people make the effort to come together.  Thank you, Jeff--for this touching photo. 

A few weeks back, I was able to attend the premiere for the documentary Where's Gina?  The turn-out was overwhelming and moving, too.  We can not let our communities disintegrate to the point that we stop looking out for one another.

lmcshane, you are so right. 

lmcshane, you are so right. 

plan that is doable




Is the niece in a rehab? I think that she should be dried out and then see if they can get some of the truth?

That home can be demolished once the case is closed, they can set up a memorial garden.

The names of all the victims, it is a grave yard isn’t it.

Their families all feared something bad would happen to them….and it did.

Drugs kill and some killers use drugs to attract their prey.

You keep going back to Frank and his home, he lost his home and when you begin the slide there are more forces to help that along then forces to save you from that. He was offered an out and refused, his mistake sadly. That’s the problem he got caught in the system and bucked. The system is not set up to save people it's the opposite, not sure I can imagine an alternative. Then again thats for Franks to define, help is that; helping people achieve what they define. Some people are a walking dilemma and it never ends, those that come along with empathy get sucked in not to provide a solution but to perpetuate the problem. There may be a goal but is it attainable, is it in alignment with the status quo? Was it unmanageable for him, but not from his perspective he lived under a different criteria and defined square peg in round whole. He got on the radar and could not get off it, again he had to see that with a pragmatic sense and define the solution and still does, wow there are those that can help but the source of that has to be him. The reality is what can he afford and maintain off the radar out of public scrutiny. Maybe he does not want that some like it the way it is, not sure why they just do.

My God would somebody tell the man to seek offers for the land and get the capital before he even looses that. He needs a real good social worker to be his advocate, is there such a thing? He should be eligible for public assistance, he needs to be talked to and given his chooses, life goes on it cannot keep looking back.

Stubborn? I'm not an advocate of what happened or that of making him the poster boy either. He is not here is he, only in peoples minds?

Guy get your camera and go interview the guy already ask him what he wants next. Tell him people will help if he comes up with a plan that is doable.

somebody struck a plea



"Huberty also pleaded guilty to taking money from an undercover agent posing as a real estate investor from New York."    

Undercover for who the city or the FBI?  

If thats the case; then Huberty struck a plea and if so; Huberty's plea opens a new path of investigations. 

Thats why Franks is scared and does not want anyone to know where he lives?   WOW!  






I do not know the people over there; are they really that dumb? Is the CDC that dumb; to use inspectors that take bribes to get land?

"local government complicity"

you hit the nail on the head, Jeff.

and as for Huberty squealing, it wouldn't surprise me if a certain councilman, who has lately taken to playing "advocate for the people", gets his fat hand stuck in the cookie jar. There's a reason for everything.

local government

or who has lately been cleaning up his act since he has his eyes on a county council seat???

local government

or who has lately been cleaning up his act since he has his eyes on a county council seat???