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The oldest church building in Cuyahoga County is just off Detroit and W25.   The plaque on the front of St. John’s Episcopal Church reports that "fur trading" is what brought the minister, Phineas Shepard to the Cuyahoga area in 1836. 


It may be of some environmental significance that beaver – whose fur Phineas was after about 172 years ago – are back in town on Whiskey Island which is just a few blocks away from the Church.  


See, who said there wasn’t a up-looking future in Cleveland?


I heard one of the younger beaver mumbling as he pulled a cottonwood off the shore and into the water next to the Coast Guard Station - “That Hauser guy better keep pulling for  us!”

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I generally hate religious doctrine fed to kids through some cornball tv or book series (remember Davey and Goliath?), but I have to say I like this veggie tales book for its message of working together to save ourselves.

You know where to find it!