Kennedy created Peace Corps....Obama should create the Ebola Corps

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 10/24/2014 - 17:34.

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It is wonderful news to know that both the nurses who cared for ebola victim Duncan in Dallas have recovered from their own bout with ebola.   These ladies are the innocent, unsuspecting front line in medical battles.    Texas Health hospital essentially sacrificed the two nurses in their exposure during their care of Mr. Duncan.  

 I respect President Obama's invitation to Ms Pham and her family and doctors to come to the White House in celebration of Ms. Pham's recovery.    Every nurse around the world is on the front line of becoming sick to something.   Every nurse (and medical worker) should recognize that Mr. Obama is saluting their professionalism and their willingness to expose themselves to their profession's risks.

However, Mr. Obama should go further:   Mr. Obama should by executive order (or other legislative move) establish the Ebola Corps.    The Ebola Corps would mimic the Peace Corps, ie, all volunteers.    The mission of the Ebola Corps would be to go to Africa and anywhere else in the world that ebola exists, and care for victims and introduce new responses in an effort to erradicate the disease. 

Bold goals attract many people.   Honorable goals attact many people.  President Obama would find that there was an overwhelming response of persons ready, willing and able to fight for the health of persons around the world.   

 Ebola in Africa got zero interest from drug firms because there is no $ in Africa.  Wake up folks, the globe is 1 community.   Each global citizen's health condition is a concern to us all - every global citizen's disease is only one or two flights away......

If we don't treat diseases where they exist - those diseases will soon come home to us. 

We can kill with drones in Yemen - why can't we beat ebola?

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All expenses paid - Ebola Corps

 Finally, an opportunity for the United States to show it's noble stuff:   Obama provides the opportunity for medical staff to go to Africa all costs paid to attack ebola. 

Would this be a PR moment for the USA?  Finally doing something dangerous, challenging, utopian, equitable. 

So many people would jump on this.   I would. 

Common USA gov   organize this ebola remediation!